Voyage Events

Upcoming Voyage events

  • Parent drop in session

    Voyage is hosting a drop session at Hackney Community College on Saturday 9th March for interested and speculative parents so they are fully aware of the YLFSC course and our expectations for their young people.

    We will be hosting a mini desk in the reception of Hackney Community College between 1pm and 3pm to set out all important components of the intensive four moth plan going forward.

    Parents can learn about the

    • Residential weekend and what young people need
    • Course units and how we provide updates on progress on a monthly basis
    • Our behaviour, safeguarding and health and safety policies
    • how we stay in touch and make contact with students

    Just drop into us and warm arms will meet and greet you and encourage you and your child to become a young leader.

    Join us

    We look forward to seeing you.

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c/o Hackney Community College
Shoreditch Campus,
Falkirk St, London N1 6HQ