Our Impacts

VOYAGE is currently refining the process of demonstrating the real and lasting change its programmes make to the lives of young BAME people in the areas where we work.

We have produced surveys that evaluate the impacts our Young Leaders For Safer Cities programme has had and we are proud to state our programme in 2018

  • Recruited 110 year 9/10 young people from 12 secondary schools from 6 London Boroughs
  • Retained 103 young people who went on to complete the 5 month intensive course to receive a BTEC Level ii
  • Progression – 65% of the cohort returned to join our graduate schemes

These impacts underpin our theory of change which is a comprehensive framework designed to extract vital feedback from young people who complete the course. We back up these impacts by undertaking quantitative and qualitative feed back from parents, teachers and our respected team of tutors.

Our next step is to develop a control group of young people that have not taken part in our programmes to determine the real impact and difference we make in the lives of our young people.

Below we present some of the key outcomes of Young Leaders For Safer Cities in 2019 – and direct quotes from those surveyed:

Making educational and career oriented projects

Young people participating in our programmes demonstrated progression in educational performance and improved confidence. As one parent said of her daughter

“She has chosen higher exams and has passed them all with a lot of hard work. I know that Voyage made her realise how important education really is”.

Additionally, young people stated that they had an improved understanding of the opportunities available to them after leaving school.

“I developed an interest in health as a career path, unlike before when I didn’t know what to do”

Better relationships with people in authority

Individuals in our project get incredible opportunities to work with community safety partners and statutory groups. 80% of young people stated that they had greater trust in the police as a result of working with Voyage.

More positively engaged in the community

Voyage’s young leaders participated in a number of exercises aimed on growing their involvement in their surroundings. 70% of young people stated that they would be more likely to participate in volunteering in their local area and 85% of people said they would be better equipped to help someone that had been attacked and in need of assistance. One young person said

“It’s been a great journey in making myself a better person in the community”