About Us

VOYAGE is a social justice charity that aims to EMPOWER marginalised black young people and provide them with the self-awareness and motivation to TRANSFORM themselves and their communities. The mission of  VOYAGE is to encourage and assist young people bridge the gap between their schools, communities and criminal justice system whilst supporting young people to SUSTAIN successful partnerships and meaningful relationships.

Voyage works with socially disadvantaged and excluded youth and aims to combat social exclusion and low educational achievement and to develop resilient temperament in participants. It provides links with adults and peers who display positive social behaviour, and opportunities for involvement, social and reasoning skills, recognition and due praise.

Working with young people and building community resilience

VOYAGE – Voice Of Youth And Genuine Empowerment – was established by the Black Police Association in 1998 in response to the Macpherson Report, which followed the murder of Stephen Lawrence.

Our leadership and personal development programmes aim to build community resilience and to strengthen youth and community relationships with the police.

Over the last 20 years, we have seen a hugely positive shift in the way schools and the police work together and collaborate on community safety initiatives.

Respected provider of programmes that change perceptions and lives

Through the delivery of its unique, ground-breaking programmes and workshops, VOYAGE has become trusted and respected in its field.

We work to challenge society’s perceptions of the lifestyle and behaviour of young BAME people and to build trust and confidence between communities and the police.

We work with socially disadvantaged and excluded young people to combat social exclusion and low educational development.

Most importantly, we provide opportunities for young people to make a positive difference within their neighbourhoods.

Theory of Change and the 5Is framework

VOYAGE has adopted a “theory of change” model based on the African-American philosophy of “Each one teach one”. We seek to help people learn by:

  • Raising awareness of self
  • Building trust and confidence
  • Developing political literacy and sharing this in forums and international exchange work

We also use the 5Is framework for crime prevention. The process model has five interlinked task streams: Intelligence, Intervention, Implementation, Involvement and Impact.

Our graduates inspire the next generation

Young people who have worked through the VOYAGE programmes have made a contribution in several ways after graduating.

Some have come back as work experience volunteers. They tell the story of the benefits they derived from VOYAGE and stand as examples of how you will look and behave at the end of the process. This helps to crystallise the goals of the young people still involved in the programmes.

Symeon Brown, now a reporter on national TV for Channel 4 News, was formerly on our programmes – he now kindly returns to speak to our young people and stand as an example of what they might become.

Symeon says: “The YPBA programme taught me key leadership skills and gave me an opportunity to become more active in the community and engage with the social issues I faced as a teenager. The YPBA programme was a positive step in my life and helped my development immensely.”

We are confident that by 2020 VOYAGE will be run by people who have been through our programmes and learned so much in the process.