We are delighted to announce our amazing work experience programme here at Voyage.

We will be running a broad range of opportunities starting in late June to coincide with your availability on completion of A levels and other higher levels of study by this period. This is why we are reaching out to you now.

We intend to offer some discretional expenses for your involvement and we are signing up graduates on Saturday 18th May between 10 – 12pm. Although this is a short and intense programme we are using this to consider your involvement in our EU programme which will involve travel, as well as taking part in projects which give you unique access to participate in projects and programme we will be running from September 2019.

Once you register we will get back to you regarding the teams you have selected and we will of course arrange some evening sessions at the college to prepare you for the various challenges in the six week period.

We intend to involve you as possible assistants in our graduation event, running our summer scheme and offering direct support to our 2019 young leaders who will be joining our graduate programme in September 2019.

We look forward to hearing from you and should you not be able to attend please do register your interest by completing this short and simple form below.

Best again and we hope to see you soon. work experince flyer

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