Young People

Let VOYAGE take you on a journey to a brighter future

There are so many ways in which the programmes and workshops run by VOYAGE can help young people in BAME communities.

About 60% of the young people we see are from Hackney, with about 25% coming from Tower Hamlets and the rest from other neighbouring London boroughs.

Voyage Activities

Residential – Weekend Away

Every year we take our young leaders for a fun packed weekend trip at an outdoor activity centre. Voyage is focused on creating a strong camaraderie among our young people and we challenge them to move out of their comfort zone. Our young leaders participate in water sports, aerial challenges and team building exercises, and in the past individuals have overcome fears and anxieties and tested themselves in new environments.

“I loved the residential. It was a great way to begin because it was an ice breaker. We weren’t really with our friends, we were with new people and so it helped us form new relationships. When I first came it was daunting but everyone was really nice!”

Marina, 15

Specialised workshops

We couldn’t operate without the support of our partners, facilitating capacity raising and skill building activities. We look at gaps that exist within the national curriculum and PSHE Education and ensure that we cover these areas through our workshops. Our young leaders have worked with social action campaigners, community safety organisations and volunteering groups.

“Thanks to the ‘Know Your Rights’ workshop, I learned that if police officers aren’t in uniform, they have to show a warrant card. In the past if anyone had showed me something that only looked like a badge, I probably wouldn’t challenge them”

Casano, 15

Summer workshops

We know that during the Summer, young people can be idle and so we strive to offer fun and engaging projects over this period. Moreover, our Young Leaders project concludes in July, and this period offers us a great opportunity to aid the progression of graduates to our more expansive projects which include volunteering, participating in job placements and being more proactive in their communities.

“When they teach you something, they will always bring in a guest speaker. You’re not just gonna sit here an be on your computer. People don’t really”

Divine, 15


Every year we celebrate and commend the incredible strides and achievements of our young leaders. The event provides our young people with a great opportunity to share their successes and efforts with family members and receive their qualification. In the past speakers have included London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

How to access our programmes

Although VOYAGE programmes and workshops are designed for young people, they cannot be accessed directly by individuals.

If you are interested in participating in a programme running in your school or institution, please contact the administrator directly.

If your school or institution does not run a VOYAGE programme, please contact your administrator and ask them to get in touch with us. We can run programmes wherever an institution is willing to participate, and wherever volunteer tutors and programme leaders are available.

Voyage Programmes


Community Safety and Leadership Workshops

Know Your Rights

A series of workshops in schools and community organisation to spread knowledge of UK laws and police operations. We believe these procedures drive a wedge between young people from all backgrounds and the police and we want to change that.

Violent Crime

A powerful workshop delivered in schools, guiding young people of all ethnicities through scenarios, film and discussions to help them improve their reactions, decisions and choices. We aim to change young people’s attitudes to, and perceptions of, crime and raise awareness of the impact of violence.

Young Leaders for Safe Cities
Young Leaders for Safer Cities

Leadership Initiative

Young Leaders for Safe Cities (YLFSC)

An accredited BTEC course for people aged 14-15 taught in groups of up to 25. The YLFSC programme, developed by the VOYAGE team, aims to:

  1. Nurture young leaders to support and improve their communities; to tackle crime issues; and to improve community services from local providers. We want young people to be inspired to influence and shape local services.
  2. Help young people learn about leadership, citizenship and community social responsibility.
  3. Ensure the voices of young people are listened to and help to build and sustain relationships with others from across London.
  4. Provide support for progress from school to higher education, training and the world of work.

South Hackney Leadership Academy (SHLA)

The SHLA offers access to this unique programme to about 45 young people aged between 15 and 17. The academy provides a compelling framework that encourages educational progress and builds skills and confidence.

We bring together graduates of our YLFSC programme and young people from the local community and beyond for a high-quality, well-run course.

There is a need for programmes that both fill the gaps left by disappearing youth provision and combat the spectre of youth-related violence.

We demonstrate progression opportunities and engage professionals who can inspire our young people by demonstrating the possibilities ahead of them.

Young Black Positive Advocates

VOYAGE now has hundreds of graduates from its programmes who we encourage, through this open network, to share their experiences. That way they can continue to guide and inspire each other – and the next generation.



VOYAGE developed this unique personal development course to assist those aged 16 and over who are deemed at risk, are on managed exclusions or have limited educational options. It is a 10-week programme with optional mentoring to follow.

Young people who complete the course show significantly reduced levels of re-offending patterns and behaviour and greater resilience to peer pressure.

They have improved attitudes to study, work and those in positions of authority and, as a result, improved career prospects.


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