Y.Stop is a new stop and search project created by young people for young people. It is coordinated by Release in collaboration with a large number of charities, lawyers, NGOs and educators. The project aims to give you the skills to handle stop and search and your interactions with the police, as well as provide tools for advice, empowerment and reporting police behaviour. Some more information about the project is here;

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Y.Stop will be launching next month and will eventually have a whole series of advocacy tools such as an app, film and alternative complaints process especially aimed at young people. We are also launching a training programme and next week are running a train-the-trainers session session to create a new group of peer trainers as part of it. Peer trainers will play a hugely important role in Y.Stop, equipping young people with practical skills, confidence and knowledge to successfully handle stop and search in a fun and practical way.

If you are interested in becoming a Y.Stop trainer, Fully Focused will be delivering a train-the-trainers session for StopWatch and Y.Stop youth partners at 3 – 4.30pm on Tuesday 6 May at;

SkyWays Blue Hut,
49 Provost Street
N1 7NZ

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