Voyage has been contacted by the BBC News team who are making a television report about the issues of youth crime in London. BBC has chosen to connect and work alongside Voyage due to the high calibre of young people taking part in our Leadership Programmes.

The BBC team are keen to hear your ideas and in particular your solutions about ways to solve the current spike in youth related violent crime. This means that our young people will get a chance to be on TV and your ideas and solutions will be heard by a international audience viable on the evening news and online. This is your first chance of fame and possible fortune and its a great opportunity to present your ideas to the wider world.

We have chosen to set up a mock youth solutions presentation to be filmed at Hackney Community College in the lecture theatre on Thursday 30th August 2018 (today) at 3.30pm- 6pm to rehearse and then present your ideas and solutions to the BCC team. The session will be filmed and a minimum of three young people will be interviewed but as we understand all young people will be visible on TV.

For those of you who took part in YFLSC programme this year we have your presentations on file and these will be available should you decide to come along. The presentations will provide a useful backdrop to the broadcast and I am sure those with great ideas and good media presence will attract more coverage. Even if you are not picked you will still appear on television and that all your friends and family will be able to see you.

If you can make it all you need to do is put your first and last name in the box below that way we can inform security and also make sure we have enough chicken, pizza and vegan options. we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.




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