As the CEO of Voyage I was so proud to take one of our high flying students to 10 Downing Street to meet the Prime Minister (Theresa May) and interact with some of Uk most amazing youth organisations and young people. Divine our graduate and myself were blown away by the guest list and seeing some good old friends from different parts of London enjoying the evening. We attended with Lucie Russell the new CEO of StreetDoctors who kindly shared this opportunity to present our unique working relationship and partnership supporting young leaders in the community.

I asked the Prime Minister who we could work with on issues of police accountability building trust and confidence? The prime minister said she “didn’t know who at this stage” but was quick to remind me she intends go back to parliament to continue her work in this area. After speaking about these issues I managed to introduce The Prime Minister to our partner Street Doctors and our most valued supporters Amna and Divine. It was clear The Prime Minister was interested to hear about their stories and it was great to feel her commitment to continuing her transformative work improving Trust and confidence. After our chat we we wished her well and commended her for bringing the attention of excessive use of stop and search by the police as a Home Secretary. I will be following this up with her successor and hope we can build on what the Prime minister has started to improve accountability and justice for young people.

Do you think the new prime minister should follow Theresa’s lead??

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