On Saturday the 17th December Voyage celebrated Christmas, the new year and Kwanza with our South Hackney Leadership Academy students.

The afternoon was a chance to acknowledge the contributions from our graduates who have demonstrated leadership, perseverance and hard work taking part in our challenging sessions since the start of the SHLA in April 2016. In this period our young leaders have undertaken

  • presentations to Police conferences, Funding committees and health organisations
  • undertaken additional qualifications with our partner organisations
  • taken part in workshops and learnt new skills and how to use them
  • volunteering and work experience opportunities
  • additional qualifications with our partners
  • participated in a weekend residential programme
  • participated in a 2 day EU exchange programme with Dutch colleagues

This was achieved whilst undertaking mock exams, making important education and career choices and experiencing many personal challenges along the way. Our gathering was a chance to give due praise and acknowledgement to our students who we will continue to support by helping them to access new opportunities and improving their pathways to success.

We look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

Lots of love and light…

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