Case Studies

“I wanted to be part of Voyage because I was curious about what it could provide for me and what I could give back to my community in return. I learned about Stop and Search laws and now I want to advise people about what to do when they feel like they are unfairly stopped by the police. I also participated in the workshops with Street Doctors, and now I know what do if someone is stabbed or not breathing. In school I learned about the “Bystander Effect” and I remember watching a clip in a psychology class about someone lying in pain on the tube for 6 minutes and no one did anything. I feel that because of Voyage, I could definitely help that man in that situation”

“I felt really inspired when the Voyage team came into my school. Immediately it seemed like ME and THEM! The way they talked and held themselves with confidence. I wanted that to be me. I really liked the staff team. It felt like a family thing. If I have a problem, I fell like I could go to any of the tutors”

I feel like teachers don’t listen to what we have to say and it gets us aggravated. I feel like David (or Voyage staff) presented it to me it made me feel like I can be part of like a family, that you will be welcomed and people will understand what I am going through. Feeling part of a family is something that drew me in. The staff and the team are incredible people. They are great positives for Voyage and I feel like if we didn’t have the amount of support we receive from the team it wouldn’t be as effective. With the knowledge I got from them, I can how that I’m not just a (black) girl I am knowledgeable and I can tell people about the things I wand to be changed. I just want to be in a position where I can make change. This programme has helped direct me.