The South Hackney Leadership Academy hosted the amazing Street Doctors Stepwise programme over two days in Hackney. Young people learnt about how they can help someone who is bleeding, how to assist if someone is concussed and in shock. The workshops focused on real life case studies and young people found it shocking to hear other young people would rather take phones out and record an incident rather than use it to call for help.

Young people were also introduced to young trainee doctors who shared their personal journeys about going into the profession and what it takes to sustain themselves whilst studying. Young people gained so much from the programme some are much clearer about their educational pathways and one is defiantly going to become a future doctor.

In total 12 young people complete their 1st Aid at work Certificates. Much love, thanks and praises go out to Jo Broadwood and her fantastic team of committed and highly trained Doctors. Special thanks to Ray Douglas Gangology

Here are some young people participating.IMG_3036 IMG_2999 IMG_3002 IMG_3021


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