If you are a graduate of our programmes in 2018 and 2019 we invite you to sign up to receive additional Free support and access to resources to help our young people stay on top in these challenging times.

A recent study exploring the impact of the Corona Virus pandemic on our young people revealed our young people have fallen behind on their studies and have lost confidence in their academic performance. We found many suffer from anxiety, depression and some express suicidal thoughts. We have heard these and we have chosen to respond by offering more targeted support to our young people.

To minimise the impact of these finding Voyage has chosen to

  • adopt an equipment loan scheme so our young people can access PCs, laptops and data in order to continue to studying and achieving as the lockdown continues
  • develop a hardship fund young people can access to secure additional items that help them study and gain access and insight into next steps at College or Uni.
  • offer access to specialist tutors who can help young people catch up on key subjects so as to maintain and exceed their predicted grades
  • offer access to professional mentors from our ever growing list f corporate partners from the city of London

So if you are one of our graduates or you have been part of our Summer and Black History Month programmes please sign by completing this survey to get additional support and stay on your path.

We are here for you.



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