Voyage was proud to be part of MINDs national Enquiry research into the impact COVID19 has had on the mental health of young people in secondary schools across England.

Our young leaders were active participants in the surveys as well as being commissioned to encourage more black young people across London to participate. Voyage young leaders carried out training to learn about mental health before attending community and school facilities to drum up more contributions to the survey. In addition this Voyage young leaders facilitated round tables with over 70 young people of colour to ensure there was more qualitative information available to bring alive some of the quantitative contributions found through the survey.

Being involved in this research as opened up many possibilities for Voyage to explore new and innovative ways we can continue to involve our young people in more consultative and research initiative’s going forward.

The Mind survey findings  present very important messages about the effect racism has on mental health which was one of the more significant impactful findings explored in our round table work. 

We are proud of our young people who took part as they demonstrated commitment, passion and power laced with insightful contributions which we feel has lifted this report and made it more representative and reflective of what COVID 19 is actually doing to our young people..

Right now, we’re failing young people and this needs to change. No young person should be given up on. With the right support, all young people experiencing mental health problems can reach their full potential, succeed at school and create the life that they desire. 

This is how Voyage has been acknowledged for our involvement.. Big thanks to David Stephenson for giving us this opportunity...



Full report:



Click to access not-making-the-grade.pdf

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