Dear friend, colleague and young leader,

We’re excited to announce that Voyage’s Youth Advisory Board has developed a youth led enquiry project which will be reviewing and planning to hold to account 6 key industries (health, education, environment, police, heritage/ culture and corporates) who are embracing new plans to be more inclusive and diverse. We understand many of these agencies and businesses appear to be motivated by the impact of the pandemic and inspired by the death of George Floyd. Many have chosen to increase their commitments to inclusion and diversity in a new drive to reduce and remove the pernicous spectre racism in the work place. Because of this we feel this is a special moment in time were we detect a growing receptivity to the voices and lived experiences of young people of colour. Whilst this is timely and most welcomed we believe our young people have the answers to how this can be done to achieve the change they wish to see as they become employable.

Our new Youth Investigator Network (YIN) will work alongside our partners to investigate best and bad practice models and use this knowledge to promote good work and use this to encourage the much needed change in sectors seldom accessed by people of colour. We aim to announce key findings each year at Black History Month and use the event to encourage more partners to join us.

So if you wish to join make sure you sign up below as all young people involved will access

  • valuable work experience and a reference
  • training to boost key investigatory and presentation skills
  • presentation and public speaking opportunities
  • visits to places of interest
  • refreshments, meals and travel expenses

The project will involve 30 young people each year who will form our core Youth Investigator Network (YIN) and be tasked with investigating and presenting their initial lines of enquiry at a fundraising event we are developing for Black History Month in 2021.

All the young people will be trained to act in key leadership roles to ensure the event runs smoothly, reaches its target audience and engages case study partners. The event will be promoted as a youth led enquiry by young people and we aim to use the initial and informed research questions and begin active lines of follow up and enquiry as a next stage.

We aim to use their findings to target more partner companies and encourage them to engage young people as they;

  • hold them to account on what their policies say
  • problem solve recruitment, retention and progression strategies
  • widen access and ongoing participation

Furthermore, we believe our young peoples contribution will give shape to an annualised programme of youth voice work that will encourage more young people to join us and help them develop amazing profiles making them highly skilled and employable.

If you want to find out more contact the office at

If you are a young person interested in committing to this Youth Investigator Network, the project will require 12hours of commitment per month.



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