Voyage response to the COVID19 Pandemic – PUBLIC STATEMENT

Voyage wishes to set out how it intends to whilst the COVID19 pandemic continues to force changes on our communities and lives.

Voyage remains open and will continue to field enquiries by email and respond to telephone and social media requests.

Feel free to call us on +447340090968 or email us but do expect a much slower response.

At present we are providing online access to leadership opportunities by offering “Level Up” Online workshops focusing young people to prepare for their next step challenges. We will involve professionals from amazing industries to join us who will share their experiences and help motivate and inspire young people to stay positive as the pandemic loosens its grip on our community.

Our online sessions are facilitated by our lead Tutor David Okoro on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays on Zoom at 4.30pm. Join us.


Status issues

  • Voyage is now closed and we are contactable by phone, email and social media
  • The bulk of communication, contact and social media has fallen to volunteers is supported by a small but committed team of young leaders.
  • No direct work with young people is taking place and all our EU trips, residential’s and sessions in schools have all been postponed until July and August 2020.


Due to the massive financial issues caused by the pandemic we urgently need the following things from our donors:

  • Equipment – laptops, tablets and PCs so young people struggling can use equipment to stay educationally active
  • Quality time of Professionals – we wish to motivate an inspire our young people to stay focused at this time by inviting professionals to join us online to give insight to employment industries and their experiences accessing them.
  • Volunteering/ work experience opportunities – our graduates 16+ have expressed a need to get out and be part of the support systems in the community and want to give their time to good causes.

If you can offer any of these opportunities please make contact with us ASAP.