Join David and Mona as they host professionals on Friday 1st May at 4.30.

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Whats coming Up

Friday 1st May at 4.30pm – We look forward to hosting Robert Russell from OSTC and Natasha Cox from the BBC to speak about their work and opportunities respectively. On Friday we have:

1. Rob Russell, Global Head of Professional Qualifications, ZISHI will speak about the world of trading and what you need if you wish to get involved as a stock broker and trader. Voyage has a new partnership that will see young people taking up training learning about how to conduct trading deals in the millions whilst keeping a cool head.

2. Natasha from the BBC has an amazing opportunity to sign young people up to take part in a film exploring what young people are doing whilst being on Lockdown.
see Fridays zoom link here

At Voyage we are always striving to stay in touch with our young people no mater what the circumstances are. In these very challenging times we know many of our young people are house bound and could be suffering from boredom, anxiety and maybe down or depressed as a loved one is at risk.

In what ever circumstance you may find yourself in don’t forget to check in with those close to you and let them know how you are and what help you might need. The key thing is to communicate.

We at Voyage want to let you know we are here for you and we want to know how best we can continue to offer support to you at this challenging times. If you a have a minute please complete the attached survey so we can target our efforts to your needs. Please click on the link here for more.

Meantime stay, safe, stay warm and of course stay home.

It gives us great pleasure to announce our partnership with Street Doctors who will be running the final stages of the Stepwise programme starting on Saturday 26th October 2019 at 10am. Its not too late to join us to receive a first aid qualification and be part of a team of professionals who will treat you as an equal as you learn about how to save a life and keep your friends and family safe.

Please make sure you let us know you wish to come along by completing the basic safeguarding information below.

Sign up to our amazing black history month  programme starting on Wednesday 23rd October 2019 at 12 noon.

Make a video and learn to fly a drone with urban flyers

Participate in debates with our YouTube influencers

Team games, music and food

Limited places so first come first served

The black history month programme has been set up to promote Voyages Leadership Academy which takes place at weekends and evenings.

Our leadership academy is already running lead by an empowering progression programme providing unique opportunities for young people (15 – 17 years). It’s our mission to assist the learning of new skills, gain qualifications and participate in meaningful work experience/paid roles and access leadership weekend residentials and trips to European Countries with our exchange partners.

Leadership is a fundamental part of our work and messaging. Every year, we will recognise the achievements of a select few who demonstrate amazing personal growth and capacity to support their peers and their communities. Individuals will have opportunities to gain the nationally recognised Jack Petchey Award and the Voyage Leadership Scholarship, whereby one exceptional young person will receive a £500 donation to their future academic costs and expenses.

The Leadership Academy will be supported by new corporate partnerships with Legal, medical, financial and public/ private sector institutions who will offer professional mentoring to students will to commit additional time to their progression needs. The Leadership Academy will have three programme strands which are

Staying Safe: learning essential skills and information ensuring young people can remain safe and be agents for change in their community

Youth Voice: Providing young people with real opportunities to make substantive change in their community

Creative arts / Sport: Providing opportunities for individuals to learn keys in a number of disciplines and Arts Awards qualifications.

Our sessions will involve an amazing array of guests from industries of interest and our sessions will be presented with wit, humor and fun and at all times involve a chance to reflect and discuss what you have gained. Exemplary young people will be selected for mentoring, paid work experience and a chance to visit our partners in EU countries.

Join us on 25th September to hear more at 6pm at the Hackney Community College,

The actual programme starts in November and our sessions take place on Wednesday evenings from 4.30 – 7pm and Saturdays from 12 – 4pm).

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We look forward to bidding farewell to summer and celebrating success with our young leaders who have recently completed their BTEC level ii certificate in Youth Leadership.

The Summer Barbecue is a chance to bring our 2015, 2016, 2017/18 and 2019 graduates together and help them get to know each other, create an understanding about their individual journeys and build the group into a sustainable Alumni network. We wish to use the summer barbecue to celebrate the beginning of a new academic year whilst connecting our trustees, partners and supporters to the young people we work with.

We hope to use this informal occasion to build a deeper understanding of the lived experiences of our young people and inspire our partners to come up with unique pathways to enable dynamic progression possibilities for our future plans for 2020. The afternoon will include key note speakers, guests and more importantly pay homage to our amazing young leaders who have been exemplary especially those that have acted in various roles (volunteers, project assistants, researchers, award winners) and those that have done great things in thier communities.

Why not come a celebrate success with us by clicking on the link below to sign up.


On Tuesday 28th May – Friday 31st May Voyage will be launching its enrichment week.

Our enrichment week will combine a mixture of taught sessions that will contribute to young leaders completing their BTECs in time for our graduation on the 20th July.

The summary of the programme includes guest speakers and informal and structured activities all designed to empower and enrich you. So far we can confirm we will be joined by Goldman Sachs Community Team, MediaWrite, Action for Conservation, Talawa Theatre. Sessions start on

Tuesday 28th May 9am – 4pm – Understanding and Using Media

Wednesday 29th May 9am – 4pm – Problem Solving

Thursday 30th May 10am – 4pm – Interactive sessions with guests

Friday 31st May 9am 5pm – Day trip to Adventure Island (Southend)

Tuesday and Wednesday are mandatory days as part of the Young Leaders for Safer Cities qualification.

In order for young people to attend the Day Trip on Friday it is mandatory that they attend all three days of the enrichment week. The trip will also have a cost of £5 per person which must be paid by 18th of May 2019.

To express interest please confirm your child can attend on the form below.

It gives us great pleasure to share our latest Voyage Newsletter. The Newsletter is our way of updating young people, families, teachers, referral partners and our amazing funders and donors about our work and progress. If you have any ideas for stories you think we should include feel feee to make contact with us.

Happy reading.


What is StreetDoctors?

StreetDoctors is a volunteering organisation with young healthcare students. We think young people have the potential to be life-savers in their communities, so we volunteer to teach you how to help someone who may be bleeding or who has collapsed.

What is StepWise?

StepWise is a programme where you will:

  • Learn life-saving skills
  • Acquire a First Aid At Work one day course accreditation
  • Hear about careers in healthcare
  • Teach other young people alongside StreetDoctors volunteers

PLUS there will be

  • Snacks
  • Certificates
  • Fulfilling weekend activities

Important dates for your dairy


Wednesday 27th March 17:15 to 18:45            Learn what to do when someone is bleeding and when someone is unconscious

Saturday 30th March 10:00 to 17:00                 Gain a one day First Aid at Work Accreditation

Saturday 6th April 13:00 to 16:00                       Learn about healthcare careers and how to use medical equipment


Saturday 27th April 11:00 to 17:00                    Training for how to deliver StreetDoctors sessions

May to June 2019                                               Co-deliver four StreetDoctors sessions with volunteers within Hackney