If you are a graduate of our programmes in 2018 and 2019 we invite you to sign up to receive additional Free support and access to resources to help our young people stay on top in these challenging times.

A recent study exploring the impact of the Corona Virus pandemic on our young people revealed our young people have fallen behind on their studies and have lost confidence in their academic performance. We found many suffer from anxiety, depression and some express suicidal thoughts. We have heard these and we have chosen to respond by offering more targeted support to our young people.

To minimise the impact of these finding Voyage has chosen to

  • adopt an equipment loan scheme so our young people can access PCs, laptops and data in order to continue to studying and achieving as the lockdown continues
  • develop a hardship fund young people can access to secure additional items that help them study and gain access and insight into next steps at College or Uni.
  • offer access to specialist tutors who can help young people catch up on key subjects so as to maintain and exceed their predicted grades
  • offer access to professional mentors from our ever growing list f corporate partners from the city of London

So if you are one of our graduates or you have been part of our Summer and Black History Month programmes please sign by completing this survey to get additional support and stay on your path.

We are here for you.




The Voyage mentoring scheme aims to support young people as they gravitate towards higher education and their professional lives. Ensuring that all our young people access a mentor is one of our responses to COVID as were have seen how the pandemic has affected confidence, performance and how to navigate important transitionary steps. As a result, Voyage has developed a mentoring scheme to improve retention and provide greater guidance to our young leaders. It is important that we use mentoring as a mechanism to increase our young leaders understanding of different industry areas, enabling them to migrate to adult life successfully. This will be achieved through our team of professional mentors who are all being trained to improve young people’s academic, professional, and personal capabilities.

Our project is supported by Black Men for Change, the GLA and contributions from our corporate partners.

Should you wish to join us as a mentor or if you are young person seeking support from a mentor please sign up and complete the following

Professional adult (Mentor) sign up here

Young person (Mentee) sign up here.

Should you be interested in knowing more about our project please call the office on 02076138343 or email louise@voyageyouth.com

Mentoring 2020 sign up

Join our mentoring scheme to ensure you rise to counter the recession and mass unemployment.
  • This helps us determine the specific gender of your mentor.
  • This helps us determine the type of mentor you can access.
  • This helps us determine who is available to support you as some mentors have limited availability.
  • This helps us determine the period for your mentoring.


Join us for an amazing 5 week programme of creative fun engagement and immersive learning with sector leaders and professionals. Learn about our unsung creative heroes and heroins and how they did their work and the challenges they had to overcome to achieve success. All sessions will be infused with talks on how to access industry, how to make documentary how we maintain our health and well being despite the challenges. All sessions will involve industry professionals

BBC and Chanel 4 Journalist Seyi Rhodes, Thomas Bird Set Designer, Ibby Njoya and host or create specialist from a new creative network called The Shoal Collective. The Black History Month programme consists of

WORKSHOP 1 3rd October Basics of photography and basic of documentary making

Taking through the process of taking a photograph, how to use a camera. Choosing your subject and developing a concept.

WORKSHOP 2 10th October Basics of Moving images and how to animate these

An introduction to film-making ,How to craft a moving image and the way film is used today.

WORKSHOP 3 – 17th October Basics of set design

Talking about the history of set design, black theatre designers, production designer and set designers

WORKSHOP 4 – 24th October

Basics of set design and talk about the industry and the freelance industry


Bringing together all the skills the young people have learn over the past four weeks to create a series of images


We look forward to seeing you all here tomorrow at 1pm for our end of Summer BBQ.

The event is held at the NCC college at Falkirk Street, N16HQ

We are using the BBQ as an occasion to reunite, reconnect and to say a fond farewell to summer and hopefully a hello to a new normal..

There will be loads of announcements about our future work, mentoring dates, residential trips and work experience opportunities.

Join us for flowers, food, music, dance and great company.

Be there or be no where!!!!

Join us on Wednesday at 4.30pm to hear from two junior doctors (volunteers for Streetdoctors). Join us to hear about how they became doctors and challenged themselves to join a profession that is hard to access, especially as you must be prepared for ten or more years of study and workplace training.

We will be joined by Emanuel and Katie who will join us to explode myths and tell us there story about how they overcame the odds to join a profession they both loved.

Summer University - Sign Up 2021

We are focused on engaging YP aged between 15 years - 18 years ONLY.
  • Please tell us the one main reason why you want to sign up.
  • We wish to understand any support needs so we can consider what activities we at Voyage can offer you from September 2021.

Voyage is planning its work and life after lockdown and we are now putting the final touches to our first ever socially distant Summer Scheme we are calling a Summer University Scheme. We aim to host the summer University on Wednesday the 12th August and runs daily until Saturday 15th Aug 2020. Summer University sessions will run from 10am and finish at 4pm.

Our summer scheme will include motivational talk, careers advice, workshops tasters on

* Entrepreneurial challenges with prizes
* Trips to the seaside or Paint balling and laser tag
* Creative immersion day

Be sure to sign up as we will have limited place this year.

We look forward to seeing you here.

Operation Smiles sign up form

Minimum details required
  • Please let us know your first, last name and your age
  • One choice only please.
  • Tell us what role you wish play as part of Operation Smiles
Voyage is proud to announce its new project developed in association with Arena Flowers called Operation Smiles. .

Operation Smiles is an up cycling volunteering project designed to redistribute unsold flowers to individuals in need in Hackney, Haringey and Tower hamlets. The project has been developed to get young people out and active to help them get some valuable work experience to support their educational pathways as well as ease the boredom and frustration many have experienced as a result of the lockdown.

The project is lead by a volunteer team of our young leaders who will be trained in outreach, safeguarding, area mapping conservation, bouquet preparation and customer care and be on hand to deliver FREE bouquets of flowers to local people in need every Saturday for 6 weeks. The project is now in its planning stages and we aim to start delivering flowers direct to homes from Saturday 11th July and schedule deliveries between 10am-4pm.

Our aim is to bring smiles to the community and to aid the recovery of struggling individuals massively impacted by the pandemic. We aim to deliver to the elderly, parent carers and those suffering from the traumatic effects of violence, people with special needs and those trapped care homes and hostels.

We simply aim to give out free flowers to local people in exchange for a smile using a door to door delivery service.

This is the first of our programmes established with new found partners and we aim to build more project like this to demonstrate how we can work effectively combining valuable skills development with community service.

Email us for more information.

Greetings young leaders Join us this evening at 4.30 for David Okoro’s CV master class. Time: Apr 24, 2020 04:30 PM London Join Zoom Meeting (LINK HERE)

Voyage is proud to announce its new partnership with Young Hackney to run our new Leadership academies in two locations in the borough of Hackney.

We will be running our leadership Academies at

The Edge Hub – 10am 4th April – session start at 10am and finish at 2pm – sessions are weekly
Our address is Woodberry Grove, London, N4 1SN

The Dalston Hub – 10am 11th April – sessions start 10am and finish at 2pm – sessions are twice monthly
Our address is 29 Forest Road, London, E8 3BY

We aim to reach out to young people (aged 10 – 13 years) who wish to learn new skills and become leaders in their community. We are responding to increased incidences of young people being excluded at school, the rise in knife crime and hearing so many of our young people are suffering with mental health and with limited access to support and services boosting their potential.

If you have a child who you think could benefit please sign up and get them registered asap. We 45 places for our our sessions and access to these is strictly via sign up. We can only admit young people from the above age groups due to safeguarding rules so no sign up no admittance.

To encourage sign up we have special parents information day on 28th March 2020 at 11am so we can share our sign up forms, answer any questions and put a face to our name.

Our sessions will start formerly on Saturday the 4th April 2020 starting at 10am and finishing at 2pm on saturdays only.

Programme information
We have chosen to offer our programmes using a six session structure that allows young people to learn skills that are designed to help them progress successfully as leaders in their schools, in their homes and in their communities.

The young people who will sign up will be supported by an amazing team of experienced leadership professionals, social media influencers and some corporate mentors who will be on hand to support young people and encourage them to

* get better results at school
* make better and informed decisions about peers and professions
* be surrounded by positive role models and peers
* learn about money management and money making skills
* public speaking and presentation skills
* learn how to interact with authority and build confidence and esteem
* gain sport, qualifications and awards

Every 6 weeks we will acknowledge successful young people at a graduation ceremony held at the end of each programme cycle.

This will be a great time to bring along parents and celebrate the success of their young people.

sign up on the link below.

see you there.

Quick sign up - New year, new opportunities & new futures

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