We are so excited to launch our new course..

The Young Leaders for Sustainable Cities course will equip young black people with the knowledge, skills and opportunities to face challenges related to environmental issues and injustice. Learners will be empowered to challenge their own perceptions of the environment sector and learn how black groups in our society and around the world are disproportionately affected by issues such as climate change, air pollution and a lack of access to green space. Through this we aim to encourage young people to take action and help them explore the positive possibilities for their inclusion, access and future employment.

Over 100 Young people each year from diverse backgrounds will learn collegially in this dynamic 10 week leadership programme delivered by black tutors with valuable lived experience of growing up in diverse communities and having a rooted understanding of cognitive behavioural therapy techniques. Sustainability, climate justice and nature  representatives will also contribute to our programmes of study and provide access and unique insights into the growing sector. Active learning as well as a focus on well-being and desistance will empower young black people as they develop skills and knowledge to become future leaders in this sector.

All sessions will take place on Saturdays, half-terms and there will be ample opportunities for volunteering and work experience to progress the active voice of black youth leadership.

The course and the follow-on graduate programme aim to act as a pathway to higher education and employment in the environment sector and to address the lack of representation in the sector, which in the UK is only 3.1% non-white. In addition it aims to change the current state of nature and the local and global impacts environmental degradation and climate change has on black lives.

If you are a teacher or refer young people to our programmes please tell us more about how best we can connect with your young people and encourage them to sign up to our new course. It only take 1 minute to complete.

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Voyage is proud to announce its plans to expand and offer young people access to new leadership experiences, courses and workshops in Voyage.

To support our expansion plans we are planning an immersive training course to on board potential tutors, trainers and mentors to join our ranks and become part of a new team transforming outcomes for our young people and helping them reverse some of the trends we see in the media.

Our training will take place on Saturday afternoon and commence on the 15th January 2022 from 12- 4pm.

Our training will be delivered by Duane Maddison (Voyage lead tutor) and Ian Solomon Kawall (May Garden Project). 
Training will be fun, immersive and in the later stages your skills will be put to test at a community programme held in Hackney Youth centres from Late February and into early March. The community programme will be your chance to test your delivery skills and for us to asses your specific role as a Voyage tutor, trainer and mentor.
All participants once accepted will be invited to join the training delivered here at our base in Hackney Community College or close by depending on how the virus moves in the coming weeks/ months. Training will be available online for those living further afield and cant attend in person.

If you are interested but would like more information our CEO is hosting two zoom sessions on:

Thursday Jan 6, 2022 06:30 PM

Saturday Jan 8, 2022 01:00pm
Should you be interested to join us and learn more please complete the sign up form below.



VOYAGE is delighted to announce our upcoming Roundtable for environmental organisations, Diversifying the Environment Sector, where we will be discussing key challenges and solutions to increasing the access of green jobs to young BAME people in the UK. 


It’s a crucial time to be thinking collaboratively about racial diversity in the second least diverse sector in the UK (only 3.1% diverse) with black unemployment rates at an all-time high since the Brixton riots and yet green economy booming and a huge expected demand for skilled workers in the lead up to the UKs Net Zero emissions target in 2050. 


Our discussions will begin as a whole cohort on the overarching theme ‘Diversifying the Environment Sector’ which will cover access, retention and progression and will be Chaired by Rashid Nix, Green Party’s Equality and Diversity National Coordinator.


Rashid Nix, Green Party’s Equality and Diversity National Coordinator.


This will be followed by a short discussion on the future of green jobs and the government’s £12billion investment into this to reach net zero by 2050. We will subsequently follow up with a survey on job creation plans to reach these targets and benefit from the green economy with environmental organisations attending. 


You will then enter the following breakout rooms; 


  • Young Leaders for Sustainable Cities: Led by Wendy Maples, an established environmental course writer and Green Councilor for Lewes and Layla Bahrami the Special Projects Manager overseeing the development of the course. Here we will review aspects of our new and bespoke course with our course writers Wendy Maples and Margo Tulkens for input on the strength, relatability to young black people and its environmental scope.
  • Young People: Led by Lamin Tarawally, our Youth Advisory Board chair who will discuss how young people can help improve inclusion and diversity in green industries and young people will share their views!


Questions will be asked throughout for both discussion and through the use of Survey Monkey. We kindly ask that all participants put their name, organisation and occupation as their zoom name when joining the meeting. 

Beyond this roundtable we are looking to collaborate with organisations in order to support the delivery of our new Young Leaders for Sustainable Cities course, our graduates scheme (through work experience and placements) and our Youth Investigators Network.

Roundtable date and time: 5pm on Thursday 28th October on Zoom.

To register your interest in attending or further questions please email layla@voyageyouth.com. We strongly encourage environmental organisations to attend, especially CEOs, EDI officers or those heavily involved in increasing diversity within their environmental organisation.

We look forward to seeing you at our annual BBQ on Saturday 31st July 2021.

The event takes place at

New City College

Falkirk Street

London N16HQ

See you here..



If you are a new student to Voyage and wish to join our summer activities please make sure you complete the form below.

Due to safeguarding and managing any health and safety risks we require all young people to complete this form.

No admittance will be possible without this being completed.

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Summer University - Sign Up 2021

We are focused on engaging YP aged between 15 years - 18 years ONLY.
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  • We wish to understand any support needs so we can consider what activities we at Voyage can offer you from September 2021.

Voyage is proud to announce its summer University week taking place on Monday 26th July and run up until 30th July.

The Summer University is going to be fund filled, inspirational and most of all help our young people to better prepared for their next big steps in life.

Our scheme is designed for our graduate young leaders who have been part of our leadership projects and programmes in Hackney and young people who are connect to us via school programmes across north and east London.

The Summer University will include some of our amazing partners such as the Shoal Collective, the Logan Brothers and some of our corporate partners supporting our employability plans workshops, talks and joining in on the fun.

The Summer University will end with a big celebration at our Summer BBQ which will give young leaders a chance to connect with our mentors, receive awards and prizes and lots of give aways.

We look forward to seeing you..

If you are new to Voyage (introduced by friend) please complete the more detailed medical form below asap.







Voyage is proud to announce our amazing collaboration with New City College to run our two week long Horizons Plus Project.

Horizons is accessed by a short sign up form attached below and is available by referrals from secondary school teachers, social and community workers. Young people can self refer also.

Horizons is a unique collaboration which combines our specialisms supporting young people with educational challenges alongside structured education provision. This collaboration allows us to work with young people who may not feel that higher education may not be their next step in life and we aim to work with them to prepare and help plan their steps into employment and possible training.

Young people will

  • access bite size learning of key subjects offered at New City College
  • secure a mentor as part of their ongoing involvement in college life
  • get to meet some amazing young people on similar journeys
  • leave our project with a clearer sense of their choices and life goals
  • enjoy refreshments and lunch

We hope to encourage young people to review their options by sampling our bite size course which are all part of the two week programme starting on Monday 19th July and finishes Thursday 29th July. All participants will be invited to Voyages annual BBQ 31st July so all participants can become part of our wider family and access on going support.

Quick sign up - Horizons Plus 2021

We are really excited to announce our special Impact Day hosted by our amazing new partner Seen Displays. Seen displays are loaning us their space, expertise and are using this opportunity to introduce young people into their creative world.

Our Impact Days are designed to extract the impact of our work with young people and to generate amazing visuals, film and talking heads giving testimony to young peoples growth, development and purpose over the last 3 years.

We at Voyage chose to do things differently and to do this we have appointed our creative specialist team the Shoal Collective. The Shoal Collective have devised a creative brief, helping us to tell amazing stories about the leadership journeys of our young peoples experiences with us.

The two days planned will include opportunities for young people to shape the focus for the impact days, determine which projects they wish to speak about as well as appoint a team of 12 young people to act as

  • 3x Directors
  • 3 x Camera operators
  • 3x Sound engineers
  • 3x Lighting specialists

Thursday will be an introductory evening to set how the big day on Saturday will take place. We will also be joined by a selection of our stakeholders who will be on hand to acknowledge contributions of young people and to hand out a number of awards to outstanding young people. We will be joined by our new meals supplier Big Deezs who will be cooking up a feast to ensure our young people and guest are watered, feed and inspired.

The creative assets from these days will be used to launch Voyage new website, support social media campaigns and inform impact reports for our amazing donors, investors and supporters.

We look forward to undertaking this inspirational day with our young and working alongside creative professionals to make Impact.


Check out a great opportunity for those with a creative persuasion

💬 Q&A with former PEER Ambassadors
🎨 Practical art workshops
🎤 Artist talks with Avril Corroon and Amy Steel from the Acme Showcase 
🎨Exclusive artist studio visits
📗 Insights into alternative art schools and art therapy

Booking is essential – please click here! Registration closes Friday 9 April, 12pm.

To find out more, email: local@peeruk.org