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Today’s statement from the home secretary has revealed shocking action by the police. The public inquiry which has been announced will deal with undercover policing, but concern should go much wider, to police race relations generally. The inquiry will lead to public confidence in the police being damaged further. Police failings revealed will be woven into a long history of poor relationships between the police and black people. That history is not about the past, it lives today, seeping away public trust in the police.


I was truly honoured to present and discuss VOYAGEs programmes and impact with London’s Peer Outreach Team (POT) this afternoon at City Hall.

I was so inspired I just had to stay the whole day listening to the very thoughtful and passionate views of young people shaping their London making it a first class city and them, first class citizens. I am really looking forward to exploring how VOYAGEs YBPA (Alumni) can collaborate with POT to make an even bigger difference to the lives of young Londoners.

Splat splat… You know what I mean.

I recently watched a film called the Interrupters and fell in love with Ameena, Cobe and Tio and the whole team over there in Chicago. This film and its array of inspired characters are so amazing they show you how early and direct intervention on the streets can make a meaningful difference to the lives of young people. The injustices of criminal justice policy and policing often  work covertly to maintain a status quo and we all  need to be aware of this.

Rather than wait for policy, governments or leaders to change and understand the plight of our young, we must develop our own direct solutions just like the Interruptors have done. Why not check them out and leave a comment

Niamh Eastwood, Executive Director of Release and co-author of the report, states “this research shows that stop and search is not about finding guns or knives but about the police going out and actively looking for people who are in possession of a small amount of drugs, mainly cannabis”.

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“Not leading from their desks but leading on the streets of London” Leroy Logan MBE

Do you feel under protected and over policed? Interested in participating in our debate planned for the Spring of 2014?

Voyage youth will be organising a debate in the spring 2014 (date TBC) focusing on the paradox of the Police trying to provide safer neighbourhoods whilst carefuly balancing the views of our communities  who often feel we are over being policed?

Voyage youth aim to bring together key Police officers, young people and wider agencies to explore this profound issue. Interested??


I had the wonderful pleasure to meet Camila Batmanghelidjh just before Christmas 2013 and was so inspired by Camila’s presence and leadership I thought I would blog this article. I personally believe by sharing your stories you can help others to understand how personal life, love, tragedy and trauma can help shape the professional choices we make and eventually take.

We need more honest, open and useful anecdotes from great leaders like Camila, especially when your own life does not quite beat to the usual path way to greatness and success.  Thanks for being you

Brad Pitt said – “this story could only be told correctly by a british man” and this powerful story was directed by the courageously wonderful – Steve McQueen, who says  “There’ve been more films about Roman slavery than American’ click here