The new legislation will also pave the way for a scheme of licences and authorisations for medical, therapeutic and scientific purposes, The Jamaica Gleaner reports. The question is when will UK consider this change given the potential impact on decriminalising our young people.

Our chairs article is available in Guardian, Dr Leroy Logan MBE says “It’s important that the police use force that is appropriate to the risk a violent person poses to the public or officers themselves”.


“What we do next is what matters most,” Comey said. “But racial bias isn’t epidemic in those who join law enforcement any more than it is epidemic in academia or the arts.”

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The business case for Diversity from Mckinsey. Its not just a human right its clear it makes business sense too.

“We are constantly fed the story of failure and of risk – what’s really inspiring is the story of people changing for the better and turning their lives around, of which we hear less and less. But that is the story that really makes communities safer.” Clive Martin

We’re getting in the Festive Spirit. Today we told Ella she won our iPad Mini. You can see the video here

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Credit Suisse is in the fourth year of running its Steps to Success Scholarship program in the UK, allowing students to explore Investment Banking as well as giving them a financial scholarship covering their tuition fees for the duration of the Steps to Success program whilst at university.

This is the second year ELBA is working with Credit Suisse to promote this program. Please forward the attached email about the program to people you think it may be of interest to. The Credit Suisse contact is Joanna Knight so please can you get in touch with her if you’d like to recommend a Year 13 student or would like to hear more about the program.
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I have been reading about this fascinating race project taking place in the US and i have been amazed at the comments coming from the white american public in Buffalo and New York . Its amazing when i hear  that 75% of white Americans say they come in contact with “a few” or “no” black people on a regular basis. 75% of white Americans say their social networks are entirely white. However more than 40% of white Americans say “many” or “almost all” black men are violent. Please do click on this link to get an incite into whats being said…


Please find a way to support our charity which is doing great work with wonderfully inspired people for young people who want to transform our communities for the better. Check us out in the Voice.



This training is a must if you want to get deeper insights into the mind of a gang member. Whilst I don’t  subscribe to the title gang those presenting the sessions represent some of UK best informed, most connected and perhaps most knowledgable and experienced when it comes to the minds and attitudes of young people. Don’t miss this.. Screenshot 2014-09-30 14.54.24