Voyage has recently joined Wisla which has created a more active sociable Network app where you can communicate with and mobilise supporters and volunteers through the use of growing a “Crowd” around meet-ups, events, etc. In essence, we want to turn a passive online like on Facebook, into an active offline engagement. We have signed up to this so click on the link for more how this can help your charity to raise funds and increase engagement of your supporters. Why not SIGN UP today.

Voyage is proud to be part of a new, powerful and hugely influential “do for self” movement called Blaksox. As part of this Voyage was invited to present at the Legacy Gala which took place on Saturday 3rd December 2016. The Gala Event was monumentus, visionary and a hugely important land mark occasion celebrating Blaksox first year of operation. The event amongst other things (music, fashion, comedy) acknowledged contributions from black professionals from many different walks of life and in particular Voyages very own chairman Dr Leroy Logan MBE. Leroy was awarded a fantastic glass Legacy Obelisk for his outstanding contribution to community work as both a serving senior Police officer and after retirement.

The Legacy Gala was attended by Voyage trustees, staff team and young people who can be seen thoroughly enjoying the evening, celebrating and networking with industry guests from different parts of the country and abroad.

In acknowledging this very special event Voyage sends a special message of thanks to Viv Ahmun, Lee Jasper and Patrica Lamour and the countless Blaksox members who work tirelessly hard behind the scenes to make the Legacy Gala the success it was.

We look forward to consolidating year one and building on this for year two and all our love and blessing goes out to the growing Blaksox family.


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Voyage CEO went to see a powerful theatre show this weekend in Tottenham (T Chances) called “So you think I’m crazy..??“. The theatre piece was written and directed by Ekanam Hinds (Know My Mind) and was supported by an excellent cast. The cast played multiple roles which all eloquently worked to highlight the serious issues that affect our mental health and in particular what can tip us over the edge. The play discussed many themes including a failing health system, race disproportionality and set out how the insipid nature of mental health can tear apart families, communities and lives. Mr X (lead character) reminded us of the many people we have known and still know in our own lives and in particular how easy it is to end up in the broken and poorly funded health care system. A health system that is more often than not supported by professionals who care but are also finding it hard to cope with the demands of the work and of course thier own lives. So you think I’m crazy asks questions of others but also asks questions of ourselves.

The highly entertaining and thought provoking show will be next at the Bernie Grant Centre of the 2nd December 2016. Check out the website for more.

Voyage wishes to extend its thanks to cast member Ehireme Omokko for the invite and we look forward to discussing themes from the play, creative youth engagement and animating legal workshops in the future.

Keep up the great work you are all doing.

Bless and thanks xxxxx



Voyage is proud to announce its new partnership with ACE Dance Birmingham, Bijlmer Park Theatre and Untold in the Netherlands. 3 of Voyage’s SHLA graduates participated in the international conference Best of Both worlds to explore the importance of incorporating cultural heritage in youth work. Young people and professionals contributed to workshop debates and symposia looking at the strengths of this approach. Krysten one of our youngest members was quoted for an inspiring statement in front of 200 people “its important to value cultural education as its like giving young people a book without pages.”

Voyage will be forging relations in Zuidoost Amsterdam which is home to over 100,000 people from over 150 diverse communities and cultures to develop our practice, explore potential for youth exchanges and deepening our impacts with our young leaders.

Huge thanks to Ian and Gail Parnel from ACE for the invite to Amsterdam and to Oluwatoyin Odunsi for this powerful transformative opportunity.

Voyage is working in partnership with Ian and Gail Parnel leaders from ACE Dance Birmingham to present a UK youth perpective at a EU Conference in South Amsterdam Holland in late October 2016. The conference is titled “Best of Both Worlds” and the programme poses three important questions for young people and youth practitioners. These are:

  1. What is the African diaspora and why is there a development psychological need for young people with an African background to consciously to go with the cultural-ethnic past.
  2. How do you as a youth worker methodically work the best? Develop political consciousness or pedagogical awareness, or both?
  3. What are the possibilities and limitations are there in the local youth policy for this?

Voyage will be attending the conference with three young leaders from its graduate programme South Hackney Leadership Academy (some have never been on a aeroplane before) attending to share their unique perspectives, debating key issues and most of all exposing themselves to new cities, new challenges, raising consciousness and voices whilst meeting like minded young people. This is a fantastic opportunity for Voyage to get out of London, meet new EU partners, shape dialogue and begin solidify professional links across the seas.

A special mention of thanks to Toyin Oluwa Odunsi who kindly brokered this partnership. Much love and thanks. xxxx

Watch this space for more!!!


Voyage is proud to announce we have started a productive conversations with Aaron Sonson from Stop and Search to explore how we can collaborate with each other. Aaron has a great app that can really help young people in those moments when you may feel you have lost power whilst being stopped by the Police. The app gives you 10 important steps and a chance to record your interaction. The app includes a great map tracking localities helping us to understand hot spots and putting us in a stronger position to hold local Police to account.

We look forward to building a productive relationship with Aaron and his team and why not download the app and try it out.

We salute the Stop and Search CiC..

Voyage was pleased to finally hand over a beautiful all glass trophy to Romario Dale one of our finest young leaders from our 2015 programme. Romario was awarded with Excellence in recognition of his outstanding contributions whilst participating in our programme Young Leaders For Safer Cities. Romario never failed to demonstrate his talents and gifts for sports and holds the Voyage record for upside down press ups.

We look forward to seeing Romario at our SHLA programme in the autumn and watching Romario take his leadership skills to new heights.

Keep up the great work Romario and stay blessed.

The Voyage team wishes to thank the many local businesses that donated some of their fantastic products for us to issue as prizes for our graduate link up Barbecue taking place this Sunday at 1pm. Voyage received over 30 different items (from a huge organic basket, jewellery, fashionable clothes, accessories and Ghanaian chocolate) now being wrapped into 16 prizes for our raffle.

Special thanks to @DarkSugars, Utter, @bricklanebookshop , the Laden Show, @The_Grocery, One O Eight, @idriselba, Superdry, MAST and Kick for your support.

Voyages Chair (Dr Leroy Logan MBE) and CEO paid respects to Hackney Community College Principle Ian Ashman. Ian was given a fantastic wave goodbye at a celebration reception held at Hackney Community College for his tireless service to Hackney and further education. Ian was joined by his senior management team, students, Meg Hillier MP and other key note speakers who spoke highly about Ian’s contribution to the colleges impressive list of accolades.

Ian has been a wonderful supporter of our work at Voyage and we wish him well and even more success in his new role as president of the Association of Colleges. Keep up the great work Ian and we look forward to staying in touch.

Voyage is proud to announce and welcome two new recruits to our team this week. Esther Talabi and Ajoa Akuamoa are both from Brunel University and have been appointed to develop our Summer family event taking place at The Warren on the 21st August 2016 and our South Hackney Summer Scheme for our leadership graduates starting on the 8th to the 12th August 2016Please help us welcome Esther and Ajoa and if you wish to contact them simply click on their names and send them an email to say hello.

Voyage wishes to thank Catherine Davis and Khadijah Mohammad from Brunel University for doing such a great job behind the scenes promoting our programme to students and of course referring Esther and Ajoa to us this year. 

Our warmest regards and best thanks.