It gives me the greatest pleasure to update you about Donata Miller.

Donata is a graduate of Voyage Young Leaders For Safer Cities Programme (YLFSC). Since joining our programme in 2014 Donata has gone on to do amazing things with amazing people, places and organisations. Donata also features as a guest contributor to our articles when she went on a study placement to China and learnt Mandarin.

Donata is a totally selfless person helping us at graduations, assisting our events and now look she is the curator at the London Transport Museum. Well done Donata, we look forward to you becoming an artistic director and of course coming back to Voyage to continue to inspire our young leaders. Click here for more about Donata.

Stay blessed.

It gives me great pleasure to announce Voyage has secured an important validation milestone for its new criminal justice programme Horizons Plus.

This significant milestone now means our Horizons Plus Programme is recognised as robust, coherent and provides a plausible description of the logic that lies behind it. This massively supports our broader theory of change and works towards ensuring young people stand a reasonable chance of progressing into mainstream life and education.

Horizons Plus is a dynamic and challenging reoffending programme that combines our innovative therapeutic sessions alongside an evolving suite of optional bite-size accredited work based learning workshops. These two elements have been brought together to transform offending behaviours, build confidence and skills in partnership with Hackney Community College.

Voyage wishes to thank John Stephens and Duane Maddison (Horizons Coordinator) for working hard to produce and shape a theory of change and put it into practice. We also wish to thank Project Oracles Evidence Hub Mary McKaskill Senior Analyst for supporting us through all the important stages of this validation process. We are not stopping here and we intend to continue working on the next stage of the validation process.

Thanks to all those involved.

As the CEO of Voyage I attended a symposium in the House of Lords on Tuesday 10th October 2017 to celebrate the impact and progress of the Police and young people round table series taking place in 10 London Boroughs.

The Symposium was a great chance to hear about the work of the Tutu Foundation in partnership with Youth Futures and Voyage who joined forces to connect young people to the project from across London. Chaired by Rt Hon Lord Mcnally, Angela Herbert MBE opened the symposium with a thought-provoking resume of factors exploring resilience, leading with authority and developing supportive structures to ensure young people speak truth to power responsibly and sustainably. Other contributions came from the Rt Hon David Lammy MP, Sir Hugh Orde, Rt Hon Tim Loughton, Patrick Williams (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Joseph Duncan from Youth Futures.

It was moving to hear the stories of the young people who are leading the process recruiting, training and facilitating these roundtables. It was humbling to hear how this work has began to uncover some of the tensions in local communities and how the austerity cuts act as a fuel deepening local divisions. What was powerful was seeing young people in action and being motivated sharing their stories with the Police and other young people whilst demonstrating their belief in the power of change, transformation and young people taking a lead.

The symposium ended with young people awarded certificates acknowledging their amazing contribution to the project. A massive note of  thanks go out to our amazing young leaders Kheron, Timmon, Blair, Ajoa, Esther and Gideon for being exemplary at all times and encouraging their peers to do the same.

More information about the project can be found here..

A big thanks to Alex Zalewska for her great photography skills.





We had the amazing pleasure of being invited to attend the grand launch of @alexispeskine new Power Figure collection at the @octobergallery.

Inspired by visits to Senegal (West Africa) Alex Peskine has knocked in thousands of individual gold leaf coated nails (set at many different depths) to provide a powerful and sheen to his silhouetted power figures. Produced in just under 4 months in Dakar and Paris these amazing and gazing images are seeking a deeper connection with our ancestors, history and culture whilst exploring the black experience of the present day. This body of Sankofa inspired introspective work reminds us we are all power figures. The evening was introduced by the irrepressible and talented artist @Zakove


I write this blog after receiving a heart felt hand written thank you letter from one of our wonderful Brunel Interns this morning. The letter was on my desk so i was able to read it the moment I got into the office. The letter summarised their learning journey and the opportunity the internship afforded to them. What was striking about this letter was that it  demonstrated how much interns actually got from the experience, how small words of motivation can create big strides and how that begins to chart a course to greater success and personal achievement. I was also struck by how much our interns actually learn from other young people around them which I know helps them to see themselves more clearly and gives them a chance reflect on their actions, behaviours and choices. This is something we all need to more of…

Im totally sure when our interns get to that job, that place of comfort and peace in their lives they too will realise that you “GET what you GIVE” and when you give with care and love the results can only be amazing. I too learnt so much from their presence here and I know this will make our work stronger and help me develop even more possibilities for future interns.

We have now said our goodbyes and I will miss our interns as the office is a lot quieter now but I will do my best to find ways to bring them back to Voyage in the not too distant future.

A huge heartfelt thanks to you all.

Paul Anderson CEO MBE



On the 10th of July, a group of our young leaders met up with Rebecca Delsol and Mike Shiner authors of “Stop and Search: The Anatomy of a Police Power”. We discussed a possible collaboration on a research project around the subject of Stop and Search. Different themes and questions were discussed such as:

  • How are Police complaints handled and how we introduce youth and community involvement in the process
  • How can we introduce more fairness in the way police interact with young people?
  • Why are particular types of clothing and communities associated with carrying a knife or violent crime?
  • Can we blame the police for who they target?
  • Are females stopped and search more than males?
  • Can police go about Stop and Search differently?
  • Should Stop and Search be scrapped altogether?
  • Why are black people more likely to be stopped and searched?

We had a lot of interesting comments from our young leaders, one comment from the group was that girls tend to lead boys astray which cause them to get in trouble with the police. We also had a comment saying we cannot blame the police for judging clothing, when a lot of people who carry knives wear a particular type of clothing. We naturally came to the conclusion that although Stop and Search may not be the most effective method for reducing knife crime, it certainly can help get knives off the street, one of our young leaders talked about how it’s important to perform Stop and Search because people are actually carrying knives on our streets.

This was a great way of discussing the issues surrounding stop and search and police, as our young leaders have first-hand knowledge and experience. In terms of our next steps, we will be confirming the research project and nailing the key themes we want to focus on. We will then send them our research themes, which will potentially highlight more issues and even create solutions as it will provide a perspective that isn’t often seen. We’re grateful to have received a report from the Criminal Justice Alliance called “No respect: Young BAME men, the police and stop and search” written by Peter Keeling, who has represented a number of key recommendations for the police around the theme of Stop and Search. We intend to use elements of the research findings to develop our own research. We will continue to develop the idea with both Rebecca and Mike and present the research at regional conferences.

Voyage is proud to support Hackney’s work improving access and removing barriers to services ran or delivered by Hackney Council? Hackney Council and Hackney CVS are seeking vocal BAME parents from the Borough to contribute to their Parents Open Space sessions exploring the issues that will be presented to a top team of Council officers and councillors to action.

Hackney Council, Hackney CVS and Parent Champions are working in partnership to come up with solutions that will eventually close the gap between services offered an those accessed by parents from BAME communities.

These sessions will be facilitated by Voyage CEO and our young leaders on the 24th June and 29th June 2017.

With the kind support of the City Bridge Trust Voyage is proud to launch its new 10 week day release cognitive programme which has been enhanced with accredited skills training and supportive one to one and group mentoring. Horizons Plus will be delivered in partnership with Hackney Community College and has been especially designed for BAME young people between 15 and 19 years and is accessible by referrals ONLY.

Our Information day/ Launch takes place on Friday 9th June 2017 at Hackney Community College (N1 6HQbetween 1pm – 3pm. The open day is your chance to learn more about the programme, meet the team and understand our operational model. Hackney Community College course leaders will be on hand to talk through skills training qualification and show off the College’s state of the art teaching facilities in Motor mechanics, building trades and painting and decorating.

Horizons Plus – is a dynamic challenging reoffending programme that combines our innovative therapeutic sessions along side an evolving byte size accredited work based learning course designed to transform offending behaviours, build confidence whilst supporting effective compliance to young peoples bail and sentencing orders/ conditions. The programme will be offered for two cohorts in the summer and one in the autumn.

If you are interested, please sign up and register here. Further more feel free to share this with colleagues and anyone else that you think could benefit from our new programme.

On Saturday 25th February the South Hackney Leadership Academy was honoured to host Pure Yinkz and Uncle D engaging our young people in a range of educational and thinking activities. 2 truths and 1 lie was a great game which lead to a discussion regarding how they got into the media industry. They also spoke to the young people about the importance of staying focused and not getting involved with toxic peers.




Voyage is proud to announce its support for a dynamic programme called The Ubuntu Police-Youth Roundtable. This is an innovative new project developed in partnership by the Tutu Foundation and Youth Futures and funded by the Mayors Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) and the Sir John Cass Foundation. Their mission is to improve relations between the police and young people through the philosophy of Ubuntu.

The project is seeking 50 young people from 10 inner London boroughs to act as ambassadors who will be trained to lead and facilitate their own round tables in their communities. The programme launch will be an inspirational event 18th March 2017 at Hackney Community College designed for young people to get to know more, become part of a new team of Ubuntu Ambassadors and understand projects requirements, including renumeration and long term benefits.

This will be an opportunity for you to,

  • Interact with other Ambassadors from the 10 participating London Boroughs,
  • Participate in facilitated exercises
  • Meet with and listen to inspirational leaders

At the launch event, you will receive a comprehensive information pack which has been designed to empower you and enhance your role as an Ambassador and help you to inspire your peers to participate in the Round Tables.

To find out more and sign up simply click here.