March 2019 saw the most recent edition of the Hackney Youth Awards, an event hosted by Young Hackney celebrating the achievements of exceptional young people who have achieved incredible feats over the last year. Categories ranged from achievements in Sport and Arts, to recognition for volunteering. In 2016, Philip Granville made a commitment to make the awards an annual celebration to recognize the impact that young people are making in the borough. For Voyage leadership is a fundamental part of our work and from the moment that young people enter our programmes to the moment they leave, they recognise that they have the capacity to be agents for change in their communities. Consequently, we were incredibly proud to have two of our young leaders receive awards. Sophie Eziulo won an award in the ‘Overcoming Adversity’ category and Mateenah Adeleke was the recipient of the ‘Community Impact’ Award.

We can’t boast enough about the achievements of these two as Mateenah led in a project improving an outside space in Hackney Wick and has gained a position on the Youth Parliament. In her role Mateenah strives to ensure issues like community safety, disability awareness and housing agendas include a youth voice. Sophie became a peer first aid facilitator, meaning that she can teach First Aid to others and has endeavoured to make Voyage an inclusive and welcoming organisation to scores of young people in Hackney.

Unfortunately, we hear so much about young BAME individuals being victims and perpetrators of crime and we don’t see enough examples of amazing young people like Sophie and Mateenah. Given this we want to thank Young Hackney for hosting this event and more importantly, Sophie and Mateenah for being true examples of Leadership we wish to see more in our community.

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Voyage is pleased to announce it has recruited a team of 10 facilitators and tutors who will be trained to deliver our unique Young Leaders For Safer Cities and Horizons programme as part of Voyages growth and expansion agenda. The training was delivered by Voyage lead Tutor Adetunji Adesoji, David Okoro and Voyage’s CEO Paul Anderson setting out the training requirements using five important stages of interactive training delivery. The training included feed back from our young graduates who observed the training and contributed to some of the interactive workshops on both days.

1. Day 1 – focused on exploring our YLFSC and Horizons course curriculum and understanding the units delivered at weekly sessions. This included what we see in our young people, how we engage with parents and teachers and how we build on the taught subjects using our own lived experience.

2. Day 2 – With our existing team new tutors will learn more about our values, approach and how we will embed our newly designed theory of change and how we use the information to shape course delivery and provide additional support to young people with special learning needs.

3. All facilitators and tutors will undertake a mandatory 4 days of shadowing our existing team and these sessions will culminate micro teaching is when our new recruits will work alongside our existing team of tutors, support young people and be assessed on their observation and teaching skills.

4. Graduation for our Tutors is on 20 July is when our new team will be formerly appointed as Voyage facilitators and tutors.

5. All our new tutors will join us to deliver our Summer University programme starting on the 5th August and our Graduate programme for our YLFSC 2019 cohort on the 11th September 2019.

Using a participatory workshop approach the first day of training helped to acquaint our new recruits with the course units helping them to dig deeper into our course resources and materials and how the course units breakdown into over 150 hours of taught study. The training day ended with a question and answer session with Voyage graduates who helped highlight the importance using cognitive approaches.

Our new recruits will return on Saturday the 23rd of March to participate in phase 2 where they will meet the existing team, understand our theory of change and participate in a solution orientated workshop session.

Going Forward
Voyage is expanding its work across new areas in London and with more at risk young people and remains committed to ensuring its facilitators and tutors are regularly trained. We wish to ensure our staff adopt the important principles of contextual safeguarding, being trauma informed and have the ability to risk asses our young people using our unique risk category banding system underpinned by our Theory of Change.

Voyage is expanding its work across new areas in London and with more at risk young people and remains committed to ensuring its facilitators and tutors are regularly trained. We wish to ensure our staff adopt the important principles of contextual safeguarding, being trauma informed and have the ability to risk asses our young people using our unique risk category banding system underpinned by our Theory of Change.

If you wish to sign up to our Young Leaders for Safer Cities Course and you are in  year 9 or in year 10, simply complete the sign up form below and you will receive an invite to the course start day which is now 8th April 2019 for induction week which finishes on Wednesday 10th and residential begins on the 12th to the 14th April. Our taught sessions then start on 27th April 2019 and take place every two weeks after this.

You will note that all students are expected to attend Hackney Community College at 9am on session days and 10am during induction.

We also send reminders for each sessions so make sure you send accurate information to sign up.


Voyage is seeking to expand its work with young people to reach new areas across London.

A growing demand for our services means that we need to increase the number of well trained tutors, mentors and facilitators we currently employ to teach on our (YLFSC or our Horizons) courses and know your Rights Workshops. In addition to this, we are also seeking inspirational people who can offer one to one, and group mentoring to children and young. If you are interested in joining our team of highly respected facilitators, tutors, trainers and mentors, please do not hesitate in making contact with us; we would be delighted to hear from you.

Key competencies
We are seeking colleagues with demonstrable experience of engaging, supporting and developing young people in different settings (schools, youth clubs, in the community). If you are a learning mentor, a teacher, work with young offenders, or have a strong therapeutic background we would like to hear from you.
We are an incredibly diverse organisation and we are keen to appoint people with unique stories, styles and approaches to supporting young people who come to us with a vast array of life experiences.
Candidates will be required to provide evidence of a minimum of 5 years experience in any of the following areas:

• teaching experience at secondary level
• In the role of a youth worker, social and or community worker
• In the role of a mentor, tutor and or teaching assistant at secondary level

All candidates are expected to hold a current DBS certificate.
All candidates expected to have a demonstrable understanding of safeguarding principles

Application and shortlisting
All candidates are required to submit a CV and a short personal statement setting out why you think you may be suitable for this role. Should you be short listed you will be invited to participate in our training days. These take place on:

• Saturday 9th March from 10 – 4pm – New tutors only
• Saturday 23rd March from 10 – 4pm – new and existing tutors

Training and development activities
On training days Voyage will cover travel and meal expenses for all days and all existing tutor will be paid in accordance with Voyage usual regime. All new tutors will be expected to attend both sessions and participate in:

• shadowing existing tutors for a minimum of 4 sessions when our YLFSC starts in April.
• delivering a micro teach of a session


Aim: 1 day focus on recruitment of young people; setting out the teaching materials; marking and assessment; strategies for encouraging young people to work collaboratively to support each other.
• Module breakdown of Young Leaders for Safer Cities (YLFSC) course
• A run through of the programme from Induction day to YLFSC Graduation

Aim: updates to the course, contracting, safeguarding and all other in house arrangements

• Workshop on our new Theory of change and how we operationalise surveys
• Workshop on Safeguarding and reporting
• Workshop on introducing wellbeing into our session planning

Time scales and Deadlines

Whilst we cant guarantee everyone will get a place on the first session but we aim to connect with you and notify you about any other further training opportunities.

Please submit CVs and personal statements to the Voyage CEO and complete the information as set out below: 

No later than Friday 1st March 2019


It was amazing to be part of an amazing project called the Wolves Lane Horticultural project in Haringey North London,

Our young leaders took part in celebrating the centres fundraising achievements along side one of London top MCs Jhus. Jhus was an amazing and inspiring young man. He was so inspired by the work of Wolves Lane he came down to show love to the local community. The young people attending went crazy listening to Jhus who wasn’t fazed or intimidated. Jhus showed an amazing spirit of candour and demonstrated his passion for the community, horticulture and the environment. The event was organised by the Team Aisha and Ahmed who are both amazing young leaders. We had such a great time. Check out the film and support the Wolves Lane initiative..


It give us great pleasure at Voyage to showcase an amazing film produced by Leee John  the lead Singer of Imagination (band from the 80s) and his team whilst hosting our Graduation event in July this year. Leee and his team kindly donated the film as part of his broader plans to adopt Voyage as his charity in support of his new album Retropia. We thought to share this with you first.

Its a great film and really presents some useful information about Voyage and why our programme and impact is so unique.


Voyage is embarking on wider and deeper plan of volunteering, work experience and social action engagement in our bid to create a seamless but rising 4 year programme for our students joining our leadership schemes in Hackney east London.

Operating annually Voyage already runs two structured programmes for its students Young Leaders for Safer Cities and its graduate programme South Hackney Leadership Academy. Our programmes operate at evenings, weekends and at holiday periods, providing unique opportunities to embed a wide range of specialist delivery partners who can provide additional qualifications, motivational talks and visits to places of interest. These act as way of strengthening our work with young people whilst provide access to our partners struggling to engage diverse and hard to reach young people.

To this end we are seeking new partners who can offer a mix of bite sized and regular volunteering, campaigning and social action opportunities throughout the year encouraging our students to

  • Access higher education
  • pursue careers at a raised level
  • more employable and competitive

Voyage is confident it can supply and give access to a diverse range of competent, trained and professionalised young people (aged 15 – 17 years both individuals and groups) to charitable organisations, companies and event organisers/ producers that require a youthful work force to help expand their businesses and deliver their objectives.

If you have any opportunities you wish to discuss feel free to contact Voyage on 0207 613 8343 or by emailing us at

Or simply complete the form below and we will get back to you.



On Friday the 20th of July Voyage was proud to celebrate the graduation of over 100 young people that successfully completed our unique accredited course “Young Leaders for Safer Cities (YLFSC)”. The formal Graduation ceremony was held at Hackney Town Hall, which saw families, friends, teachers and many special guests joining us to celebrate an important milestone in the lives of our 15 year old students.

Our course successfully engaged young people in over 150 hours of structured leadership activities (including a residential weekend, workshops, taught sessions and inspirational presentations) resulting in them achieving a BTEC level ii Certificate in youth leadership. Our young leaders come from 12 secondary schools located in 6 inner London boroughs with over 60% of our students coming from Hackney were we are based. Our programme equips students with knowledge, awareness and skill sets of how to identify a leader, how to help others if they are injured and in particular how the media and law operates at their disadvantage. Our programme reduces the need for young people to join gangs, reduces post code conflict and helps young people build effective relations with law enforcement whilst encouraging their friends and families to do the same.

Our graduation evening was hosted by Pure Yinkz and Uncle D supported by guest appearances from “Still Shadey” and spoken word artist “Charles” capturing audiences with their personal stories through performance. Our special guest included amazing people who contributed to our programme such as Jennette Arnold OBE, Cllr Anntoinette Bramble, Jo Broadwood/ Rebecca Long (Street Doctors), Siddo Dwyer (Young Labour), Janet Hills (Black Police Association), Lee Jasper (Blaksox), Leee John (artist/ musician), Rashid Nix (Green Party), William Wilson (Met Police) and Dr Leroy Logan MBE via video message. Our guests shared some warm words with our audience and helped us acknowledge 15 exemplary young leaders awarded for distinctive achievements for helping others, sustaining attendance and other leadership qualities.

The evening was designed to show case and test our emphasis on young people taking over our operations as the event was entirely produced, managed and ran by our gradate team of young leaders. The graduation event has helped us sustain trusting relations with our students who now wish to take part in our graduate scheme (South Hackney Leadership Academy) which starts the 6th October 2018.

Should you wish to know more about our programme kindly get in touch with us at

Dear parent and teacher

Please help us improve our programme by taking the time to complete the survey here.

Thank you in advance.



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