In the light of the official report on racial equality released by the UK Government on 31st March 2021, we at Voyage uphold our commitment to challenging the institutional racism experienced by the young people with whom we work. We wish to emphasise the fact that these experiences are at the hands of police officers, teachers, and employers as youngsters progress through adult life and the world of work. We believe that these experiences result in both individual and collective traumas that work to negatively impact our society as a whole. Therefore, as citizens, we all have a duty to challenge and stop racial discrimination wherever it may occur.
We contend that racism is a public health crisis in London, and are thus concerned about its deleterious impact upon the lives of members of racialised communities within the UK. As such we will continue to seek access to a range of appropriate services and support across all sectors, structures and systems—including education, health, housing and employment—that continue to fail our young people.
We will continue to engage with statutory and non-statutory organisations; parents; teachers and other educators; healthcare professionals; children and young people; multidisciplinary teams of professionals; survivors, and community advocates from all backgrounds in order to challenge racist myths. We will commit to a contribution to wider public education around the impact of institutional racism upon individual  lives; many of which are so often minimised, forgotten or ignored.
In this aim, we invite the UK Government to recognise and acknowledge the seriousness of the impact of racism and its pernicious and detrimental impact on our young, their families and our communities.
We also appeal to all Londoners to reflect upon the impact of the reality of their own experiences, and those of their wider communities, and to come together to create a demonstrably fairer and more resilient society able to resist all manifestations of racism by adoption of robust anti-racist policies, principles and political practices that that speak to our common humanity.

It was amazing to be interviewed by Sky News to speak about our amazing new partnership with Action for Conservation, Generation Success and SOS UK.

Our contribution is focused on providing mentoring to support to over 120 young people who will be become the conservation sectors new vanguard. Our mission is to support them whilst the work with national charities and sustain them so we can build this new generation of young leaders for the future.


Dear friend, colleague and young leader

As of 6th January 2021, we entered another national Lockdown. Despite the lockdown we would like to assure all our young people that Voyage remains committed to conducting its usual delivery of services (Youth Advisory Board, peer projects, mentoring and mental health projects) but mainly online. In addition to this we will also be offering young people online support sessions (Zoom Hang Outs) so please stay connected and look out for text, emails and invites from our youth team.

We wish to use this email to let you know that we are still on-boarding corporate companies, mentors, amazing work experience opportunities and many many paid opportunities. Some of these will be available over lockdown and will serve to prepare young people for planned corporate work experience opportunities starting in June/ July.

To encourage young leaders to stay connected Voyage has booked a huge residential to Normandy in France taking place in mid July. This trip will available for up to 40 Voyage graduates who have signed up and participate regularly over the coming weeks/ months.

In order to ensure the appropriate staffing levels at all of our planned sessions we need you to confirm what your (young people’s) preferences are in terms of what days and amount of time they wish to commit to us. This will aid our planning purposes so please complete the following short survey:

Complete our online survey HERE – takes one minute.

In relation to more focused face to face work and balancing COVID19 risks we will continue to monitor the changing situation but it is likely we may ask you to join some sessions in person. In these cases, we will be following the National Youth Agency guidelines for support group sessions indoors with vulnerable young people (consistent with social distancing guidelines). Again please watch out for this. These changes are effective immediately and will be reviewed dependent on guidelines and any updated measures on youth work services (provided by the National Youth Agency).

In the meantime we encourage all our young people and their families to stay safe in these testing times so please reach out if you feel you are in need.

Please visit our website for information about new developments and how we make accessible in these troubling times.

Thank you for your continued support.

Voyage family

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Voyage is recruiting for an events fund raiser who will help maximise our corporate relationships and create an exclusive events framework from which Voyage can grow and become more sustainable.

We are seeking an experienced individual majoring in corporate relationship building and stakeholder management and is able to help us tap a growing number of affinity, inclusion and diversity groups in the City of London and beyond. We hope to connect these networks and individuals to a growing events programme supported by a newly adopted customer relationship management software.

Please click here for a link to the Charity Job site site add here.

Happy new

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Voyage Youth want to do things a little differently this year, by having YOU design our Christmas Cards!

We are challenging you to design your best Christmas Card that will be sent to our young people, trustees, corporate partners, and other significant volunteers at Voyage. The judging will be by an all-star cast panel (some of our corporate partners and our CEO Paul to name a couple). This is a great way to express your creativity and have the satisfaction of your design being chosen.

The winner of the competition will not only have their design chosen, but they will also receive a £100 1st Prize, £50 second prize and £25 Third prize for the runners up.  Prizes will be given out at our Christmas Grotto Event we are currently awaiting full confirmation on 19th December 2020.

This is an amazing, fun, and exciting opportunity so please be creative and get designing!!

The competition closes on MONDAY 14th DECEMBER 2020 AT 10am.

All entries must be submitted via email to


Supported by an amazing company Arena Flowers, The GLA and our new partnership with the Black men for change Project we are incredibly proud present a summary of our impacts for our work in the mental health and well being space.

Our work on mental health is an implied part of our engagement with young people as we invariably introduce key topics, issues and impacts on our mental health through the different engagement methods.

In this case our work with Operation Smiles was framed as a project designed to relief boredom as a result of the pandemic, but effectively it provided great opportunities to

  • review young peoples attitudes towards lockdown
  • understand the effect of the lockdown on the community
  • develop solutions to improving our own mental health

The Operation Smiles project represented the beginnings of a much deeper and longer programme of work focused on developing a team of mental health peer leaders. The Peer Programme will be embedded into a number of our community projects, programmes and provide an opportunity for our young people to gain valuable work experience. As we progress the programme we will be involving

  • 4 Young Minds
  • Universal Board Games
  • Gamcare
  • Black Men for Change
  • OSTC
  • Money A & E
  • ED Tree

We look forward to continuing this work as lockdown eases.

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As someone with considerable experience running and sustaining charities for over 20 years I must say that I have become deeply concerned about how organisations like us will survive post the COVID19 pandemic. I have become a little confused about how we should explore the continuation our services (during and post lockdown) and how this could affect the vulnerable young people (13- 21 years) we work with. I ask this question as Voyage typically:

* engages young people through centre based, referral and outreach work in the community.
* relies on a mix of trust, foundations and donations for funding its work
* relies on working with proffessionals who often work in front line services as a main day job
* works with some of the most disadvantaged (but amazing, gifted and talented) under 21s in north east London

These factors alongside how to respond if there are other outbreaks in the future are forming more serious conversations with my staff, my board of trustees and ultimately with our beneficiaries. Now I wish to open this up to other leaders in a similar position.

Just when I thought these considerations are for our charity, I got a big shock after reading about the Charity so White campaign and realising this is not just a worry for us but also a equally an issue for the entire BAME charitable sector.

I was grateful to read @charitysowhite are now meeting key funders and asking important questions and so far they have found that funders:

* Actions to date are not matching urgency of the situation, with 9/10 BAME VCS organisations set to close in the next 3 months.
* Surface level action such as better marketing of funds will not suffice. In the long term issues of power and trust need to be addressed, in the immediate response we call for ringfencing and decision making led by BAME infrastructure to deal with these issues.
* The importance of monitoring where funds are going through race equality data – specifically looking at leadership & governance, whether funds are going to BAME-led organisations, not just organisations claiming to work with these communities.

These crucial sustainability factors mixed with real questions about how we should carry out our work in communities when:

* many key funders are redirecting funds to support COVID19 affected communities
* youth organisations maybe ill equipped to facilitate social distancing and handing our PPE
* many of our very own young people will have families suffering from the pandemic both here in the UK and abroad in motherland countries and may need alternative forms of support embedded into their services

These factors forced me to send a distress call out to other bame led youth organisations (on linkedIn) to explore these questions and more to hopefully bring some of us together to discuss strategies that reduce our chances of closing down. I got a huge response and as a result I hope to be joined by a number of CEOs, COO’s and chairs from youth charities to discuss. I look forward to these discussions and presenting the outcomes to anyone interested.

I intend to get out there (on my bike) to visit some of these London based youth charities and find out how they are doing and somehow link the feed back to a report I will inevitably produce in a few months time.

If you want to join on Thursday evening 21st May 2020 at 6pm on Zoom please click on the link here or below.

Further reading here

Dear VOYAGE family,

As always, the health and safety of our beneficiaries, partners, trustees, staff, volunteers and members of the public is of paramount important to us. With the current global concern around Coronavirus (Covid-19), we hope you are staying safe and finding time to help others who are in less fortunate circumstances. We are deeply concerned with the wellbeing of our community, so please remember to wash your hands or partake in social distancing if you can.

We thought to produce this message to assure you that we are keeping a close eye on the situation and were are actively listening and taking advice from our college hosts, the government and our NHS delivery partners.

Due to the current circumstances, we have decided to reduce our engagement work with young people until we get new information and we see and feel greater public confidence and desire to interact with people in public spaces. We aim to continue to carefully monitor official information on a daily basis, and regularly speak with our strategic partners to stay abreast of any risk concerns. We will be writing to our young people, teachers and referral partners to let them know about the changes we will be making with regards to the implementation of our programmes.

By way of a general update

In the UK, the cases of coronavirus have strongly increased from only 2 cases back in Jan 31st to currently, 1,391 positive cases and 35 deaths. Five days ago there were four confirmed cases in City and Hackney, which share a health authority. On the London Underground, where there is an extremely high density of people crowded into each carriage, previous research has suggested a link between commuting and the likelihood of catching respiratory illnesses. Read more here.

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, we will stay in touch with New City College and we aim to provide updates on their decision whether to close the college premises.
We appreciate this gives us all a level of uncertainty, but Voyage will of course inform you of any significant change to our planning due to Coronavirus.
For advice and information regarding Coronavirus/Covid-19 we would advise that you visit the websites below.

Should you or any of your family be suffering from any cold like symptoms feel free to use the following links to get any support: 

Kind regards,
Team Voyage

Voyage is seeking to recruit a powerful new role that will help Voyage move towards the next phase of its growth and development. Should this role sound like you don’t hesitate to call us and enquire ASAP. We wish to express our vision for this role and we are working hard behind the scenes to secure the partnerships and investment to make this a longer term role and amazing opportunity for the appointed candidate.

Title: Head of Programmes
Responsible to: CEO
Duration: Six month contract (with extension possibilities)
Attendance in Office: part time 3 days
Days/ hours of work: Flexible
Pay rate pro rata £28,000 – £32,000 (depending on experience)

Based in Hackney, Voyage has delivered interventions, bespoke mentoring and structured programmes (including our leadership-focused BTEC) to 11 to 19 year olds across London over the last 12 years. We provide a unique service to schools, alternative provisions and community groups, serving disadvantaged young people (predominantly BAME) who are at risk of being excluded, participating in risky behaviours and developing harmful relationships. In line with our Strategic Plan, we aim to expand our presence across London, offering targeted services to larger cohorts and ensuring that we provide beneficiaries with the training, skills and opportunities to transform themselves in to mature, capable and confident individuals who become positive agents in their community.

To help us achieve our expansion goals we wish to appoint a Head of Programmes (HOP). The HOP will help us create a coherent delivery framework, ensuring that we evolve our workshops and interventions into a more expansive programme of work supporting the longer term educational, behavioural and employment development of our beneficiaries. We aim to combine our projects with opportunities for young people to engage in employment/ volunteering, social action and play a raised role in the strategic direction of Voyage. We are seeking an effective project manager who understands how to work with large groups of diverse young people, understands effective ways of engaging with different stakeholders, can manage project delivery spaces (community groups, youth clubs and schools), understands how to develop and embed valuable evaluation tools in organisational practice whilst also gaining the respect of a valuable delivery team and our Youth Advisory Board. Our Head of Programmes will be tasked with overseeing a small but growing internal team (including interns) in addition to overseeing a team of freelance facilitators. The HoP will be part of the Senior Leadership Team and will report to the CEO.

We aim to offer a part time 3-day week flexible contract for 6 months with lots of potential to expand into two-year contract by the summer 2020. We wish to make an early appointment and we are taking expressions of interest with a view to interviewing and making an appointment in Mid April 2020.

Next steps
Should you be interested kindly send your latest CV outlining your project management youth and community work experience. Your CV MUST be complemented by a one-page cover letter outlining why you believe you are suitable for the post and any past experience demonstrating this.

Both document must be sent to and arrive no later than Friday 27th March 2020 by 12 noon. Applications received later will not be accepted.

We will shortlist suitable candidates and aim to write to successful candidates by Friday the 3rd of April 2020. Interviews will take place on Thursday 9th April 2020, where candidates will have to complete a short exercise based on an important area of our work. We aim to involve young people in our recruitment, which may take place as part of the process.

We anticipate we will be oversubscribed for the role and we will only be writing to candidates we wish to short list. If you are unsure in anyway and want a conversation kindly call the office on 0207 613 8343 and ask for Jennifer we will try our best to encourage you to apply.

We are really proud that our book Windrush Elders – Our Memories has received national press attention. We are so proud that our book has opened conversations in communities both near and far about the impact of the governments implementation of the “hostile environment” and how it has affected people from the Windrush Generation. Read more here

Through the creation of the book, 6 young people carried out a series of interviews with elders attending the ACLC centre in Haringey. The Centre was set up over 30 years ago and throughout this time has provided essential health and education services to people of African and Caribbean heritage from North London. Most of the elders interviewed were part of the Windrush generation and recounted unique stories ranging from harrowing tales about family left behind to joyous descriptions of the lives they made in their new homes. Young people were taught skills to convert interviews into fully formed biographies and we were blessed to share the finished product with the members of the ACLC during our Christmas event on the 18th December 2019 alongside our Chair Leroy Logan and the CEO of the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation Sarah Ebanja.

Much of the press attention received was focused on what young people have learnt through the books development and their interactions with the amazing elders who contributed to our book.

Press attention has lead to Voyage being invited to speak on national radio and has lead to NBC news in America contacting us to get young people opinions on the decision of Megan Markle and Prince Harry to leave the UK and their duties as Royals.