I write this blog after receiving a heart felt hand written thank you letter from one of our wonderful Brunel Interns this morning. The letter was on my desk so i was able to read it the moment I got into the office. The letter summarised their learning journey and the opportunity the internship afforded to them. What was striking about this letter was that it  demonstrated how much interns actually got from the experience, how small words of motivation can create big strides and how that begins to chart a course to greater success and personal achievement. I was also struck by how much our interns actually learn from other young people around them which I know helps them to see themselves more clearly and gives them a chance reflect on their actions, behaviours and choices. This is something we all need to more of…

Im totally sure when our interns get to that job, that place of comfort and peace in their lives they too will realise that you “GET what you GIVE” and when you give with care and love the results can only be amazing. I too learnt so much from their presence here and I know this will make our work stronger and help me develop even more possibilities for future interns.

We have now said our goodbyes and I will miss our interns as the office is a lot quieter now but I will do my best to find ways to bring them back to Voyage in the not too distant future.

A huge heartfelt thanks to you all.

Paul Anderson CEO MBE



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