Voyage is proud to be part of a new, powerful and hugely influential “do for self” movement called Blaksox. As part of this Voyage was invited to present at the Legacy Gala which took place on Saturday 3rd December 2016. The Gala Event was monumentus, visionary and a hugely important land mark occasion celebrating Blaksox first year of operation. The event amongst other things (music, fashion, comedy) acknowledged contributions from black professionals from many different walks of life and in particular Voyages very own chairman Dr Leroy Logan MBE. Leroy was awarded a fantastic glass Legacy Obelisk for his outstanding contribution to community work as both a serving senior Police officer and after retirement.

The Legacy Gala was attended by Voyage trustees, staff team and young people who can be seen thoroughly enjoying the evening, celebrating and networking with industry guests from different parts of the country and abroad.

In acknowledging this very special event Voyage sends a special message of thanks to Viv Ahmun, Lee Jasper and Patrica Lamour and the countless Blaksox members who work tirelessly hard behind the scenes to make the Legacy Gala the success it was.

We look forward to consolidating year one and building on this for year two and all our love and blessing goes out to the growing Blaksox family.


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