Join us for an amazing 5 week programme of creative fun engagement and immersive learning with sector leaders and professionals. Learn about our unsung creative heroes and heroins and how they did their work and the challenges they had to overcome to achieve success. All sessions will be infused with talks on how to access industry, how to make documentary how we maintain our health and well being despite the challenges. All sessions will involve industry professionals

BBC and Chanel 4 Journalist Seyi Rhodes, Thomas Bird Set Designer, Ibby Njoya and host or create specialist from a new creative network called The Shoal Collective. The Black History Month programme consists of

WORKSHOP 1 3rd October Basics of photography and basic of documentary making

Taking through the process of taking a photograph, how to use a camera. Choosing your subject and developing a concept.

WORKSHOP 2 10th October Basics of Moving images and how to animate these

An introduction to film-making ,How to craft a moving image and the way film is used today.

WORKSHOP 3 – 17th October Basics of set design

Talking about the history of set design, black theatre designers, production designer and set designers

WORKSHOP 4 – 24th October

Basics of set design and talk about the industry and the freelance industry


Bringing together all the skills the young people have learn over the past four weeks to create a series of images


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