In partnership with Flicker Productions, we are currently looking for a past graduate from the Young Leaders for Safer Cities Programme to take apart in an exciting prime time television opportunity!

Flicker productions are currently in the progress of producing a television programme called: The Day That Changed My Life for BBC one.

Are you awaiting news that is potentially life-changing? From a University application, a job interview, to exam results?

If so, Flicker productions would want to film ‘a day in the life’ with you. Whether that is at your home, somewhere you love to go and enjoy their favourite hobby. They are interested to see how this life-changing result will affect your life after you receive it.

You will need to be available to film roughly for 2 days, which don’t have to be consecutive.

There is a very quick turnaround as they need to finish filming by the 31st of May.

If you are available or interested:

Please email:

Please get back to us ASAP!

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