We are proud to announce our second cohort of young leaders were successfully inducted to our Leadership programme through a weekend residential to Grosvenor Hall, Kingwood in Kent, to start our YLFSC course on the 21st April at Hackney College. Our weekend residential provided an excellent setting and a challenging and vibrant leadership programme  helping our young people to bond and form lasting friendships with their peers from different parts of London.

Our team of young people showed amazing leadership skills, huge confidence and we have discovered lots of bright and talented young people amongst the group. Its worth noting over 50% of our recruited young people come from the London Borough of Hackney and its great to see positive examples of young people helping each other to become leaders in their communities. We are proud to announce the weekend went without any problems or complaints and we can only commend the efforts of our young people, tutors and an amazing team of 6 of our graduates acting as youth volunteers over the weekend.

We wish to thank Hackneys “Asorock” for supplying some great food over the weekend, Kingswood Campus, our amazing tutors, Volunteers and Janet Hills (Chair of the Black Police Association) all of whom helped our young leaders to realise their potential by encouraging them to take bigger challenges over the weekend. Young people were keen to express their concerns about the state of fear in their communities but felt there needs to be a new and perhaps a more private mechanism to report crime. Janet kindly agreed to take this back into her discussions with senior Police officials and the Mayor.

We look forward to seeing our young leaders on the Hackney College Campus on Saturday 21st April 2018 at 9am.


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