We are so excited to launch our new course..

The Young Leaders for Sustainable Cities course will equip young black people with the knowledge, skills and opportunities to face challenges related to environmental issues and injustice. Learners will be empowered to challenge their own perceptions of the environment sector and learn how black groups in our society and around the world are disproportionately affected by issues such as climate change, air pollution and a lack of access to green space. Through this we aim to encourage young people to take action and help them explore the positive possibilities for their inclusion, access and future employment.

Over 100 Young people each year from diverse backgrounds will learn collegially in this dynamic 10 week leadership programme delivered by black tutors with valuable lived experience of growing up in diverse communities and having a rooted understanding of cognitive behavioural therapy techniques. Sustainability, climate justice and nature  representatives will also contribute to our programmes of study and provide access and unique insights into the growing sector. Active learning as well as a focus on well-being and desistance will empower young black people as they develop skills and knowledge to become future leaders in this sector.

All sessions will take place on Saturdays, half-terms and there will be ample opportunities for volunteering and work experience to progress the active voice of black youth leadership.

The course and the follow-on graduate programme aim to act as a pathway to higher education and employment in the environment sector and to address the lack of representation in the sector, which in the UK is only 3.1% non-white. In addition it aims to change the current state of nature and the local and global impacts environmental degradation and climate change has on black lives.

If you are a teacher or refer young people to our programmes please tell us more about how best we can connect with your young people and encourage them to sign up to our new course. It only take 1 minute to complete.