Voyage is a charity that empowers and enables young black people through a range of educational and leadership courses, specialist and peer mentoring, developmental and skills building opportunities and work experience. It is both youth and BAME led and has a strong and growing track record of effective and recognised impact.

We are looking for new tutors to help us deliver our ambitious and new course called Young Leaders for Sustainable Cities and its follow up graduate programme starting in March/ April 2022. Our course is currently being validated by Pearsons and will be primarily delivered to year 9s and 10s from North East London schools. Young people are recruited directly from our partnership schools who introduce us to cohorts via assembly presentations. We are currently seeking to train up a new team of youth and community workers who will help us deliver our ambitious agenda combining important discourse on conservation, nature and climate justice alongside empowerment, leadership and how to stay safe. We will be committing all potential tutors to join us through a structured programme of training, engagement, micro teaching before youth workers are allocated pay scales and days of work. We have a unique programme of work that requires us to support YP over a three journey which requires our workers and tutors to be part of an ongoing programme of development and training so their skills can be synthesised alongside our curriculums, mentoring and our approach to safeguarding.

To achieve this we seek individuals from diverse communities with passion for supporting young black people and process a willingness to see them rise as leaders, connect them to their communities and help them to navigate the usual hazards growing up in London. We place incredible value on those who can use their unique lived experience to connect with our young people and effect change in them. We also recognise and value experience over qualifications and we aim to nurture our pool of tutors through an emerging and thriving Youth worker, Tutor and mentoring Network which will include access to training and developmental opportunities.

The training we aim to run will start in min January and we aim to include new tutors in our community engagement programme designed to test skills and help Voyage determine scale and salary payment.

We are preparing tutors to deliver our new course starting in March/ April 2022 will run for 12 weeks each year across 10 Saturdays and will involve both team and solo teaching. In terms of development and progression, tutors will take part in training and shadowing other tutors at the beginning of the course and will go on to either teach in teams or solo once they complete training in the later part of the course. Once tutors have completed their training and the first round of teaching, we will continue to develop and support them with training and engagement opportunities as the young people rise as our graduates.

Key info:

  • Application deadline: 13th December 2021 at 12noon
  • All our engagement with young people occurs over the weekends, evenings, or school holiday periods
  • All candidates that make the final cohort will be required to have an Enhanced DBS and those who are successful through our onboarding and training process will have their pay evaluated using the JNC scale (

Please send your CV, clearly state your hours and days of availability and provide 500 words max on ‘Why you should be a VOYAGE Youth tutor’ to

Be sure to include:

  • Any relevant experience with young people (including any safeguarding training)
  • Any qualifications or experience relating to the environment
  • Your unique lived experience that will help you connect to and empower young people

Dear friend, colleague and young leader,

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for all of us but, as most of us are aware, the impacts on the black community in the UK have been disproportionate on almost all levels. Because of this we expect that our next cohort of young black people for our Young Leaders course in March will require much more support and it is paramount that no young person slips through these widened cracks. We are therefore asking for your support in our plans to mitigate against the impacts of Covid-19 that we understand have negatively impacted young black people’s mental health, sense of security, school attainment and life chances.

In order to mitigate against the disproportionate impacts Covid-19 has had on young black people’s home life, academia, physical and mental health and employability, next year we will be launching our Young Leaders course with a strong system of student support. This will include an initial process of assessing each young person when they join the course in order to identify their further needs. Young people will be signposted to the services that are most applicable to them which include;

  • a programme of mental health, wellbeing and resilience workshops that will run throughout the course as a series
  • 1 to 1 mentoring by our trained tutors who have lived experience and a talent for connecting with young black people
  • external mental health support such as counselling or therapy for a smaller cohort of young people who have much more complex needs and perhaps demanding home lives or trauma, something we see a lot and expect to have increased
  • and an academic learning platform ran by Ed Tree that will be available for all young people and has been successfully trialled with our young people
  • a live academic tutoring service with Ed Tree for a smaller cohort of young people who need much more support

This system of support will not only increase our capacity to retain and nurture our young black leaders but will also improve their school attendance, grades and attitude towards education as a tool to increase their live chances, create more positive and healthy interpersonal relationships such as at home and with their peers and effectively encourage them to be compassionate leaders within their community.

Furthermore, we will use what we learn from this system of support within next year’s Young Leaders course to inform a continued system that we will embed within our graduates’ scheme that leads on from the course and supports a young person for 3 years into employment or higher education.

As always, we are incredibly grateful and humbled by your ongoing support and participation,

Kind regards,

Paul Anderson MBE CEO


  • ONS (2020). Why have Black and South Asian people been hit hardest by COVID-19?. Available here
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  • ONS (2021). Labour market overview, UK: May 2021, Estimates of employment, unemployment, economic inactivity and other employment-related statistics for the UK. Available here

Facts and figures:

As evidenced in government statistics throughout the pandemic, the Black African death rate for Covid-19 was significantly higher than any other demographic which may be partly due to their much higher exposure to the virus, where nearly 20% of security guards and related occupations and care workers are black, the occupations with the highest deaths related to Covid-19 (1). Further disparities can be seen through self reported financial capacity in which over a quarter (27%) of black people reported struggling to get by financially in April 2020 compared to 7% of white people (2).

This disproportionate financial struggle already existed before the pandemic but these disparities have widened with the rise in black unemployment rates to as high as the Brixton riots in the 1980s. From 2020 to 2021 BME unemployment rates increased by 41% leading to 1 in 11 BME people being unemployed compared to a 14% increase in white people and 1 in 25 white people being unemployed (3).

The mental health impacts from the pandemic on black people have been stark due to the financial struggle, higher risk to Covid-19 and much harder experiences isolating where black people are nearly four times as likely as white people to have no outdoor space at home (2).





Dear friend, colleague and young leader,

We’re excited to announce that Voyage’s Youth Advisory Board has developed a youth led enquiry project which will be reviewing and planning to hold to account 6 key industries (health, education, environment, police, heritage/ culture and corporates) who are embracing new plans to be more inclusive and diverse. We understand many of these agencies and businesses appear to be motivated by the impact of the pandemic and inspired by the death of George Floyd. Many have chosen to increase their commitments to inclusion and diversity in a new drive to reduce and remove the pernicous spectre racism in the work place. Because of this we feel this is a special moment in time were we detect a growing receptivity to the voices and lived experiences of young people of colour. Whilst this is timely and most welcomed we believe our young people have the answers to how this can be done to achieve the change they wish to see as they become employable.

Our new Youth Investigator Network (YIN) will work alongside our partners to investigate best and bad practice models and use this knowledge to promote good work and use this to encourage the much needed change in sectors seldom accessed by people of colour. We aim to announce key findings each year at Black History Month and use the event to encourage more partners to join us.

So if you wish to join make sure you sign up below as all young people involved will access

  • valuable work experience and a reference
  • training to boost key investigatory and presentation skills
  • presentation and public speaking opportunities
  • visits to places of interest
  • refreshments, meals and travel expenses

The project will involve 30 young people each year who will form our core Youth Investigator Network (YIN) and be tasked with investigating and presenting their initial lines of enquiry at a fundraising event we are developing for Black History Month in 2021.

All the young people will be trained to act in key leadership roles to ensure the event runs smoothly, reaches its target audience and engages case study partners. The event will be promoted as a youth led enquiry by young people and we aim to use the initial and informed research questions and begin active lines of follow up and enquiry as a next stage.

We aim to use their findings to target more partner companies and encourage them to engage young people as they;

  • hold them to account on what their policies say
  • problem solve recruitment, retention and progression strategies
  • widen access and ongoing participation

Furthermore, we believe our young peoples contribution will give shape to an annualised programme of youth voice work that will encourage more young people to join us and help them develop amazing profiles making them highly skilled and employable.

If you want to find out more contact the office at

If you are a young person interested in committing to this Youth Investigator Network, the project will require 12hours of commitment per month.



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