We are proud of our young participants of our Youth Advisory Board (YAB) who chose to use their voices to bring about change on a number of issues that effect them and the wider community.
In this instance our YAB has chosen to write a letter to the Board of Trustees of the Museum of the Home, to outline our frustrations at the refusal to remove the statue of slave trader Robert Geffrye. Our YAB were alerted after noting public consultation carried out by the museum demonstrated 70% of its respondents wanted the statue removed.  The YAB believe no name change can avoid or cover up the actions of this slave trader and NO museum should be forced by its investors to go against the view of the local community. Our young believe the showcasing of the statue makes the museum complicit in the wrong and hugely contentious actions of Robert Geofrye and goes against the rich diversity of Hoxton.
There is a meeting date now set to take these concerns directly to the museums senior management and we look forward to learning more about how the reversal of the views of the community can be justified in these times.
Watch this space for more…

We are really excited to announce our special Impact Day hosted by our amazing new partner Seen Displays. Seen displays are loaning us their space, expertise and are using this opportunity to introduce young people into their creative world.

Our Impact Days are designed to extract the impact of our work with young people and to generate amazing visuals, film and talking heads giving testimony to young peoples growth, development and purpose over the last 3 years.

We at Voyage chose to do things differently and to do this we have appointed our creative specialist team the Shoal Collective. The Shoal Collective have devised a creative brief, helping us to tell amazing stories about the leadership journeys of our young peoples experiences with us.

The two days planned will include opportunities for young people to shape the focus for the impact days, determine which projects they wish to speak about as well as appoint a team of 12 young people to act as

  • 3x Directors
  • 3 x Camera operators
  • 3x Sound engineers
  • 3x Lighting specialists

Thursday will be an introductory evening to set how the big day on Saturday will take place. We will also be joined by a selection of our stakeholders who will be on hand to acknowledge contributions of young people and to hand out a number of awards to outstanding young people. We will be joined by our new meals supplier Big Deezs who will be cooking up a feast to ensure our young people and guest are watered, feed and inspired.

The creative assets from these days will be used to launch Voyage new website, support social media campaigns and inform impact reports for our amazing donors, investors and supporters.

We look forward to undertaking this inspirational day with our young and working alongside creative professionals to make Impact.