The Voyage mentoring scheme aims to support young people as they gravitate towards higher education and their professional lives. Ensuring that all our young people access a mentor is one of our responses to COVID as were have seen how the pandemic has affected confidence, performance and how to navigate important transitionary steps. As a result, Voyage has developed a mentoring scheme to improve retention and provide greater guidance to our young leaders. It is important that we use mentoring as a mechanism to increase our young leaders understanding of different industry areas, enabling them to migrate to adult life successfully. This will be achieved through our team of professional mentors who are all being trained to improve young people’s academic, professional, and personal capabilities.

Our project is supported by Black Men for Change, the GLA and contributions from our corporate partners.

Should you wish to join us as a mentor or if you are young person seeking support from a mentor please sign up and complete the following

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Should you be interested in knowing more about our project please call the office on 02076138343 or email

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Join our mentoring scheme to ensure you rise to counter the recession and mass unemployment.
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