At Voyage we are always striving to stay in touch with our young people no mater what the circumstances are. In these very challenging times we know many of our young people are house bound and could be suffering from boredom, anxiety and maybe down or depressed as a loved one is at risk.

In what ever circumstance you may find yourself in don’t forget to check in with those close to you and let them know how you are and what help you might need. The key thing is to communicate.

We at Voyage want to let you know we are here for you and we want to know how best we can continue to offer support to you at this challenging times. If you a have a minute please complete the attached survey so we can target our efforts to your needs. Please click on the link here for more.

Meantime stay, safe, stay warm and of course stay home.

Dear VOYAGE family,

As always, the health and safety of our beneficiaries, partners, trustees, staff, volunteers and members of the public is of paramount important to us. With the current global concern around Coronavirus (Covid-19), we hope you are staying safe and finding time to help others who are in less fortunate circumstances. We are deeply concerned with the wellbeing of our community, so please remember to wash your hands or partake in social distancing if you can.

We thought to produce this message to assure you that we are keeping a close eye on the situation and were are actively listening and taking advice from our college hosts, the government and our NHS delivery partners.

Due to the current circumstances, we have decided to reduce our engagement work with young people until we get new information and we see and feel greater public confidence and desire to interact with people in public spaces. We aim to continue to carefully monitor official information on a daily basis, and regularly speak with our strategic partners to stay abreast of any risk concerns. We will be writing to our young people, teachers and referral partners to let them know about the changes we will be making with regards to the implementation of our programmes.

By way of a general update

In the UK, the cases of coronavirus have strongly increased from only 2 cases back in Jan 31st to currently, 1,391 positive cases and 35 deaths. Five days ago there were four confirmed cases in City and Hackney, which share a health authority. On the London Underground, where there is an extremely high density of people crowded into each carriage, previous research has suggested a link between commuting and the likelihood of catching respiratory illnesses. Read more here.

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, we will stay in touch with New City College and we aim to provide updates on their decision whether to close the college premises.
We appreciate this gives us all a level of uncertainty, but Voyage will of course inform you of any significant change to our planning due to Coronavirus.
For advice and information regarding Coronavirus/Covid-19 we would advise that you visit the websites below.

Should you or any of your family be suffering from any cold like symptoms feel free to use the following links to get any support: 

Kind regards,
Team Voyage

Voyage is proud to announce its new partnership with Young Hackney to run our new Leadership academies in two locations in the borough of Hackney.

We will be running our leadership Academies at

The Edge Hub – 10am 4th April – session start at 10am and finish at 2pm – sessions are weekly
Our address is Woodberry Grove, London, N4 1SN

The Dalston Hub – 10am 11th April – sessions start 10am and finish at 2pm – sessions are twice monthly
Our address is 29 Forest Road, London, E8 3BY

We aim to reach out to young people (aged 10 – 13 years) who wish to learn new skills and become leaders in their community. We are responding to increased incidences of young people being excluded at school, the rise in knife crime and hearing so many of our young people are suffering with mental health and with limited access to support and services boosting their potential.

If you have a child who you think could benefit please sign up and get them registered asap. We 45 places for our our sessions and access to these is strictly via sign up. We can only admit young people from the above age groups due to safeguarding rules so no sign up no admittance.

To encourage sign up we have special parents information day on 28th March 2020 at 11am so we can share our sign up forms, answer any questions and put a face to our name.

Our sessions will start formerly on Saturday the 4th April 2020 starting at 10am and finishing at 2pm on saturdays only.

Programme information
We have chosen to offer our programmes using a six session structure that allows young people to learn skills that are designed to help them progress successfully as leaders in their schools, in their homes and in their communities.

The young people who will sign up will be supported by an amazing team of experienced leadership professionals, social media influencers and some corporate mentors who will be on hand to support young people and encourage them to

* get better results at school
* make better and informed decisions about peers and professions
* be surrounded by positive role models and peers
* learn about money management and money making skills
* public speaking and presentation skills
* learn how to interact with authority and build confidence and esteem
* gain sport, qualifications and awards

Every 6 weeks we will acknowledge successful young people at a graduation ceremony held at the end of each programme cycle.

This will be a great time to bring along parents and celebrate the success of their young people.

sign up on the link below.

see you there.

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