We look forward to bidding farewell to summer and celebrating success with our young leaders who have recently completed their BTEC level ii certificate in Youth Leadership.

The Summer Barbecue is a chance to bring our 2015, 2016, 2017/18 and 2019 graduates together and help them get to know each other, create an understanding about their individual journeys and build the group into a sustainable Alumni network. We wish to use the summer barbecue to celebrate the beginning of a new academic year whilst connecting our trustees, partners and supporters to the young people we work with.

We hope to use this informal occasion to build a deeper understanding of the lived experiences of our young people and inspire our partners to come up with unique pathways to enable dynamic progression possibilities for our future plans for 2020. The afternoon will include key note speakers, guests and more importantly pay homage to our amazing young leaders who have been exemplary especially those that have acted in various roles (volunteers, project assistants, researchers, award winners) and those that have done great things in thier communities.

Why not come a celebrate success with us by clicking on the link below to sign up.