Voyage wishes to use this opportunity to thank our amazing partners at Ubele Initiative for welcoming us and facilitating and supporting our young leaders to act as Volunteers. Our volunteers arrived early to open up and launch the Wolves Lane Festive Market which took place on Sunday 9th December 2018. The Festive Market was a second for the Wolves Lane Horticultural Centre who have been successful at raising funds for their solar power project which was also supported by Voyage graduates and London top MC Jhus.

We are so grateful to Ubele’s Yvonne, Aisha, Gina, Anita, Ahmed and Robbie who acted as project support and were on hand to guide our graduates whilst they undertook the following roles

  • Setting up a market space
  • Setting up the Ubele Stall and being a stallholder
  • Helping  the consortium partners of Wolves Lane
  • DJ host, selecting music for the event.

Our young leaders thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were able to make a significant contribution to the Wolves Lane community in Haringey. Their enthusiasm and dedication created a smooth working atmosphere, which was well received with the local people that they encountered.

The event provided an excellent backdrop and test bed to Voyages wider plans to offer and embed volunteering opportunities to our graduates. We believe getting our young people into volunteering will not only make them more viable to higher education institutes and employers it will also inspire them to become more socially minded by giving back and transforming the narrative about how young people are perceived.

Once again our best wishes to Ubele and the Wolves Lane consortium at the Horticultural Centre and welcome more partners to help us raise the bar for youth leadership in London.

It was amazing to be part of an amazing project called the Wolves Lane Horticultural project in Haringey North London,

Our young leaders took part in celebrating the centres fundraising achievements along side one of London top MCs Jhus. Jhus was an amazing and inspiring young man. He was so inspired by the work of Wolves Lane he came down to show love to the local community. The young people attending went crazy listening to Jhus who wasn’t fazed or intimidated. Jhus showed an amazing spirit of candour and demonstrated his passion for the community, horticulture and the environment. The event was organised by the Team Aisha and Ahmed who are both amazing young leaders. We had such a great time. Check out the film and support the Wolves Lane initiative..