On Thursday the 10th of August, Battersea Dogs were invited to deliver their amazing workshop on dog safety to our new younger cohort of young people attending our Summer University programme. The session began with young people being introduced to a puppy and young people were taught how to properly greet a dog in a non-threating way and discussed past negative experiences with dogs. Young people were engaged in exercises that helped them rank in order a range of dogs from the most threatening to least threatening. young people were also able to identify which breed of dogs were illegal and why. Young people took also match pictures of injuries to the breed of dog who caused the injuries which highlighted the importance of training is to new dog. At the end of the session most of the young people who were initially scared of dogs left with a positive experience.

A big message of thanks goes out to Kristie Slade who has developed such a wonderful relations with our team of staff and has an excellent rapport with our young leaders. Thanks

On Tuesday 8th August our young leaders were taken on a trip to Kingston University as part of our 2017 Summer University. During the trip our young leaders were engaged in a range of actives and talks which were facilitated by the time at Kingston University. They were split up into 5 groups with each group being supported by at least one Student Ambassador. They engaged in a speed dating formatted event which allowed them to find out more about each of the student ambassadors in relation to what they studied, any advice they had about university life as well as how they got to where they are now. Following this our young leaders were given a talk by Timothy Dhir with informed them about general tips and advice for university during which they also took a personality test which gave them feedback on their potential degree and career possibilities in relation to their personality traits. Finally, to round of the day the young leaders were given a tour around the Kingston University Campus, during which they were able to visit the accommodation, lecture rooms and library.

Overall our young leaders had a fantastic and informative day and we would like to thank Timothy Dhir and the team at Kingston University for having us and we look forward to working with Kingston next year.