On Saturday 25th February the South Hackney Leadership Academy was honoured to host Pure Yinkz and Uncle D engaging our young people in a range of educational and thinking activities. 2 truths and 1 lie was a great game which lead to a discussion regarding how they got into the media industry. They also spoke to the young people about the importance of staying focused and not getting involved with toxic peers.




Saturday 25st March, the South Hackney Leadership Academy was happy to host a range of amazing activities. The young people engaged in a session with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, the workshop focused on providing the young people with education regarding dogs and taking part in a range of activities. They were also able to debunk some common myths about dogs as well as have an opportunity to conqueror their fears.

We were also joined by our chairman Leroy Logan who spoke the young regarding the history of VOYAGE which was followed by a discussion with Professor Rupert from LA regarding the importance of knowing your cultural and being in touch with your roots. Finally, we were joined by Gerad Logan who engaged the young people in a conversation regarding the role different roles available within the music industry and the importance of knowing your business in order to ensure that you succeed.

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