Catch it if you can –  Ken Hinds speaks to Station FMs DJ Kiethly and Kandiva this Sunday to discuss stop and search and its impacts in the community. Make sure you tune into 89.8FM.

Voyage wishes to thank Gail Babb, Michael Buffong and Christian from Talawa Theatre Company for coming along to an extra special session improving the presentation skills of our young leaders held on Wednesday 25th Oct. The Talawa Team took young leaders through a dramatic interactive presentation workshop session exploring body language, posture and voice. Talawa encouraged confidence, audience awareness and the importance of understanding the silent language of movement and communication without words. We look forward to creatively collaborating with Talawa in the future..
Thanks Talawaimages

Voyage wishes to express its deepest thanks to Symeon Brown (Channel 4)  for contributing to our taught session on use and understanding of the Media today. Symeon spoke about how the media informs our views, opinions and provides a platform for the telling of our own stories. Symeon powerfully reminded us that we are all gifted with the ability to tell stories and use the various forms of social media and technology to share these. With thanks and our blessings.


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Part one of a two part intensive mobilisation and leadership programme specifically aimed at individuals, community organisers and small community organisation who want:

  • Access to the same skills normally reserved for policy makers and multi-million pound service providers
  • Access to the best information and evidence regarding effective solutions, and
  • To develop meaningful partnerships with other community organisers that scope, create and scale for social action

The event is specifically targeting those people – both young and old – in our communities who really want to make a difference and who have the passion and some time to contribute to ending the violence by creating opportunities for change.

  • ASDAN accreditation is available at an additional administrative cost provided individuals submit evidence of follow up learning.