This training is a must if you want to get deeper insights into the mind of a gang member. Whilst I don’t  subscribe to the title gang those presenting the sessions represent some of UK best informed, most connected and perhaps most knowledgable and experienced when it comes to the minds and attitudes of young people. Don’t miss this.. Screenshot 2014-09-30 14.54.24

This years Voyage graduation for our 2013/2014 year graduates will be taking place on 31st October 2014. The venue for the event will be at The Warren in Kent. Click here for The Warren's map details and the full address of its location.

For graduation this year we will have many events and displays on offer for everybody to be able to interact with.  We will have a wide variety of guest representitives from several organisations who will be presenting awards to our graduates.  These guest organisations so far include: Creative Access, One Big Community and The London Youth Trust.  We are also in high level discussions with several luminaries and high level professionals to also attend the event and hand out awards.

If you haven't sent us in your reply slip to let us know that you will be attending the event please send it in as soon as possible.  If you haven't received a reply slip to fill out but would like one, please let us know by contacting Isata Jalloh (
We will be updating you all with more details and further developments regarding the upcoming graduation event in due course.