BREAKING NEWS:  Key findings of our independent evaluation cited young people are better able to demonstrate:  significantly improved educational outcomes at year 10; raised educational attainment at key stage 3; strong, resilience and resistance to peer pressure
VOYAGE is an educational and criminal justice charity and social enterprise set up to develop and transform the aspirations of our young black communities. VOYAGE works with the hard to reach and hard to engage communities encouraging young people to develop themselves and their communities and promotes a culture of respect, equality and justice to promote lasting peace in our communities.

Through its vibrant programme VOYAGE aims to take participants on an educational and experiential journey to promote transformations in individuals, communities and ultimately the wider world in which we live.

VOYAGE aims to achieve this by:

  • Developing our young Black leaders – including those in Young Offender Institutions (YOIs) and Young Offender Teams (YOTs), bail hostels and prisons.

  • Achieving success through participation in VOYAGE programmes leads to membership of our pan-London youth-led and youth-managed alumni organisation, Young Black Positive Advocates (YBPA),

  • VOYAGE improves trust and confidence between black communities and Police.

  • VOYAGE aims to sustain Black and BME young people and use their achievements to encourage themselves and other young people to:

    1. live a life without crime
    2. take up volunteering, apprenticeship and paid employment
    3. take up a further education or training
    4. become a Tutor, mentor or change facilitator
    5. Make change happen in their own local communities

VOYAGE’s five programmes are:

  1. Young Leaders for Safer Cities (YLfSC)  
    An academic year referral programme for 14 – 15 year olds delivered in different locations across UK using online teaching (MOODLE) and is taught in groups of up to 25 young people. Participation leads to a BTEC level 2 qualification with a focus on developing leadership skills and connecting young people into local leadership roles – Youth committees, forums and councils and has a special focus for local and thematic IAGs
  2. Know Your Rights
    A one-day or half day seminar/ workshop programme in schools on Stop and Search – involving role play and quizzes.
  3. Violent Crime
    A one-day interactive workshop exploring the issue of youth violence and Gangs in London offered to schools, youth clubs and other institutions
  4. Horizons
    Short courses (6-8 weeks) in Youth Offending Teams (YOTs) and Youth Offenders Institutions to enable young people to take control of their future and produce a personalised development plan. Voyage also can add in additional mentoring support after young people complete the course.
  5. Young Black Positive Advocates (YBPA)
    Alumni programmes for graduates of the Young leaders for safer cities (YLfSC) programme.