BREAKING NEWS:  Key findings of our independent evaluation cited young people are better able to demonstrate:  significantly improved educational outcomes at year 10; raised educational attainment at key stage 3; strong, resilience and resistance to peer pressure

VOYAGE is a social justice charity that aims to EMPOWER marginalised black young people and provide them with the self-awareness and motivation to TRANSFORM themselves and their communities. The mission of  VOYAGE is to encourage and assist young people bridge the gap between their schools, communities and criminal justice system whilst supporting young people to SUSTAIN successful partnerships and meaningful relationships.

VOYAGE is here for social justice and is a leading organisation within its respected field, working to change societal perceptions of the life style and behaviour of young black men, offering ground-breaking youth workshops, accredited leadership training, volunteer development and youth alumni networks in London Boroughs.

VOYAGE works with socially disadvantaged and excluded young black men and aims to combat social exclusion and low educational achievement and to develop resilient temperament in participants. It provides links with adults and peers who display positive social behaviour, and opportunities for involvement, social and reasoning skills, recognition and due praise.

VOYAGE seeks to improve trust and confidence between communities and police through engagement work.

VOYAGE provides key skills in leadership, an understanding of issues that impact young people in our inner cities, and, most importantly, opportunities to make a positive difference within local neighbourhoods.

VOYAGE training covers topics from street smarts and social engagement to academic achievement and leadership: power, race, politics; joint enterprise law, violent crime and Stop & Search; understanding and using the media; and problem solving & solutions. We welcome approaches for partnership working.

VOYAGE offers standalone tailored workshops or workshop series from a few days or weeks, to a year-long academic qualification.

VOYAGE (Voice Of Youth And Genuine Empowerment) comprises five programmes: