BREAKING NEWS:  Key findings of our independent evaluation cited young people are better able to demonstrate:  significantly improved educational outcomes at year 10; raised educational attainment at key stage 3; strong, resilience and resistance to peer pressure

Been in trouble with the Police,
fallen out with friends or kicked out of school?

and you need help to refocus or achieving your personal goals and targets?

Well HORIZONS could be the programme just for you…

Voyage is responsible for the creation, development and implementation of a powerful yet innovative programme designed to challenge re/offending behaviours, mindsets and attitudes using cognitive behavioural approaches. Our criminal justice programme typically runs for 8 – 10 weeks as an outreach programme called Horizons. Horizons is delivered in the heart local communities in association with our referral partners. Horizons is specially designed for groups of BAME young people in the criminal justice system who want to turn their life around, but feel they need some additional support to do this. Contact us for more information.

What makes Horizons special?

There are many programmes that sound like what we do but, none have quite achieved our success levels, our ability to sustain the programme, expand and deliver it using a highly structured and consistent approach. That way our outcomes and impacts are achieved and always replicated wherever we are working across London.

Our Horizons programme resources are regularly updated with relevant music, film and media clips (so young people can relate and begin to empathise) providing the inspiration for session debates, role play, interactive quizzes and games. Each session builds on the previous one and explodes myths around media, social media and social exclusion and we particularly focus on how laws (and doctrines) criminalise attitudes and behaviours which are often mis understood by statutory agents and law enforcement. We also empower young people to understand race, racism and disproportionality in relations to crime and offending which, helps young people get a bigger picture of youth offending, education and justice. Our materials draw on up to date case studies designed to challenge notions and assumptions, build resilience and improve decision making. This is powerfully achieved whilst highlighting the negative affects of short term criminal acts and misdemeanours and how these impact on communities, affect families and ultimately limit hope and squander opportunity.

How has Horizons progressed?


Supported by the City Bridge Trust and Hackney Community College, Voyage has birthed a new programme, HORIZONS PLUS, offered as an in reach programme here at our base Hackney Community College from June 2017. This great news requires Voyage to actively seek partners to commence a process of referral. This comes after a robust youth screening process, usually kick started with a presentation to Her Majesty’s Prison Youth Offenders Instituion, Young Offenders Service and Pupil Referral Unit teams before youth engagement begins. Early exploratory visits to London Boroughs help us set out how the programme will operate, our reporting requirements, course expectations as well as how to create ideal conditions for successful participation. Voyage agrees its work with boroughs through a clearly developed memorandum of understanding before sign off.

All interested parties are encouraged to make early contact with Voyage to discuss how we can help whilst fulfilling any requirements of young peoples court orders, community sentences and any mainstream education obligations.

Horizons Plus – a dynamic and challenging reoffending programme that combines our innovative therapeutic sessions along side an evolving byte size accredited work based learning course designed to transform offending behaviours, build confidence and skills in partnership with Hackney Community College. Our new Horizons Plus programme will start off operating as a summer intervention in August 2017 and one day a week (Fridays) starting in November 2017. Horizons Plus is designed to ensure young people participate in line with their statutory obligations, court orders and other sentencing compliances.

Horizons is still available as an outreach programme in your borough. Contact us for more information.

What will Horizons Plus offer my young people?

Horizons Plus will introduce a curricular approach to its structure, involving our influential team of mentors and specialist from Hackney Community College’s professional team of experinced trainers from a variety of work-based learning specialisms (including the Robert Levy Foundation)

All young people will receive daily travel costs, a hot meal and refreshments throughout the day.

City and Guilds subjects we are discussing with Hackney Community College are as follows:

  1. Construction – brick work, painting and decoration, tiling and plumbing, carpentry and joinery.
  2. Engineering – car, motor and bicycle mechanics.
  3. Performing arts – dance, music production, mixing and DJing, circus arts.
  4. Catering– introduction in food hygiene and basic cooking skills.
  5. Business – personal branding and learning about leadership skills.
  6. Fashion and textiles – design, patterning and cutting.

Our newly structured 10 week programme is followed by an ongoing mentoring in the form of a weekly ‘Job Club’, where young people can continue to access specific advice and support. The Job Club is designed to help young people:

  • Implement their personal development plan commitments
  • Receive ongoing sign posting support (housing, benefits, education and health services)
  • Participate in a host of leadership workshops e.g. CV clinics, speaking up and speaking clearly, developing personalised branding, personal hygiene and health awareness, entrepreneurialism and interacting with employers and visits to places of interest.

There will be ample opportunities for sessions to be offered using one to one and using group work approaches.

The Horizons Plus programme and subsequent workshops will be delivered by our highly respected and experienced team of tutors and mentors, who are regularly trained, DBS compliant and offer a coordinated partnership approach designed to underpin partner service objectives.

Horizons Plus will go live from June 2017 so please make early contact.

Mentoring  – Voyage offers a dedicated mentoring service for individuals and groups. This service is accessed by referrals only and our aim is to assist the reintegration of young people into mainstream life which includes school, college, home and their community.

Contact us for more information.

See our flyers outlining what we discuss with young people participating.

Contact us for more information.




Horizons is a unique Personal Development Course 
delivered by Voyage Youth and is aimed at young people deemed at risk and already engaged by the Youth Justice system or teams. The Horizon’s course is accessed by a referrals process, usually through Youth Offending Services, teams Secure Children’s Homes (SCH), a Secure Training Centres (STC) or Young Offender Institutions (YOI).

Voyage offer this programme to young people in their community in young offender teams in all London Boroughs (YOSs), in Youth Prisons (HMPYOIs) or via a static approach taking place in Hackney Community College which runs each quarter through a centralised referral process

HORIZONS – personal development & lifeskills programme


The Horizons programme has recently been expanded to 10 week programme and now includes optional mentoring. We believe our programme will:

  • Better your chances in education, training or work with personal development & leadership skills
  • Provide mentoring & coaching support, for solutions to challenges you may face
  • Provide information regarding who can help you, how you can help yourself and where to go to get this info.

Horizons transformational impact means young people re-enter communities with:

  • significantly reduced levels of re-offending patterns & behaviours
  • increased knowledge about laws and police operations which effect affect black communities
  • demonstrably strong resistance and resilience to peer pressure
  • improved attitudes to study, work and to those in positions of authority
  • a clearly expressed personalised development plan setting out their own choices and priorities for change.
  • access to ongoing support from a supportive and caring team

HORIZONS is delivered using cleverly and carefully constructive facts and stats using a combination of articles, music and film delivered by tutors who understand. The programme is powerful, highly interactive and thought provoking aiming to:

  • Boost your confidence and awareness of self
  • Develop and enhance your leadership skills
  • Help you identify solutions to challenges in your life
  • Help you, Help yourself and get back on track!




Personal Leadership Development


  • To produce a personalised development plan and in so doing:
  • Build participant’s confidence & leadership capacity
  • Engage/re engage participants with benefits of education/lifelong learning
  • To reduce the risk of social exclusion
  • To reduce the risk of re offending
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Build trust in self and others including those working in public or voluntary agencies
  • Young people between the ages 13 to 18 years old
  • Black & Minority Ethnic groups
  • Level of offender: low to medium risk
  • Ability to engage with group work and one 2 one work
  • YOSs support the programme with additional signposting to services supporting co produced action plans

Horizons is delivered through an interactive ten unit course drawing on aspects of law, multi media resources and is ran consecutively over an agreed period of time, usually held in the early evenings or weekends.

Horizons is specially designed course rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy and has a broad framework to enable tailored aspects to be included to focus and challenge behaviours, attitudes and lifestyle choices.


Voyage takes a holistic and wide view helping young people to understand their behaviours and actions in a broader racial, social and cultural context as well as help to:

  1. identify participant’s personal development, education and career aspirations and build confidence, skills and knowledge to achieve them.
  2. understand aspects of law and equip them knowledge and capability to use it
  3. identify different forms of learning for academic/vocational success
  4. raise awareness of risk factors for BAME youth
  5. identify outcomes of peer pressure
  6. map goals, future aspirations and create an action plan
  7. identify the steps necessary to implement the plan

Depending on budgets Horizons tutors can offer follow up mentoring sessions designed to help young people implement their personalised action plans.


Voyage programme impacts are backed by a theory of change devised by the London School of Economics (LSE) in 2007 and all our impacts have been independently evaluated by Ecorys in 2014. Voyage understands that our work cannot be entirely quantified and scientifically proven and as such we utilise a diverse range of qualitative monitoring and evaluation tools to deepen our understanding of the impact we are making.

Notable and remarkable findings of our independent evaluation cited that young people who engage in our programmes are able demonstrate:

  • awareness of the impact of their actions on others
  • demonstrably strong resistance and resilience to peer pressure
  • an increased sense of personal and social responsibility.
  • markedly improved confidence levels and demonstrably notable ability to articulate their needs, concerns and vulnerabilities
  • vastly improved attitudes and approaches to authority
  • stronger and more robust compliance to any sentencing requirements and conditions
  • significantly reduced levels of reoffending patterns and behaviours in first time offenders and repeat offenders.


Contact us for more information on the course, flyers and to find out when the next course will run


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