BREAKING NEWS:  Key findings of our independent evaluation cited young people are better able to demonstrate:  significantly improved educational outcomes at year 10; raised educational attainment at key stage 3; strong, resilience and resistance to peer pressure

South Hackney Leadership Academy (SHLA)

Voyage has created an inspired leadership academy to provide a powerful framework designed to encourage educational and career progression, build skills and raise confidence whilst responding to disappearing youth provision and the ongoing spectre of youth related violence and territorialism. We achieve this by engaging inspirational leaders, dedicated tutors and committed professionals to help motivate and inspire young leaders to achieve personal and professional success.

The SHLA offers a thought provoking and inspiring developmental programme whilst combining our respective SHLA themes of learning; Leadership, Work-based learning and Creative Arts as focused specialisms to provide a solution-orientated initiative designed to complement career progression. The programme is fused with black history, empowerment and creative workshops delivered by VOYAGE’s freelance tutors/ mentors whilst involving a host of professional partners engaged to:

  • develop skills and raise confidence
  • develop strategies that help to determine the career paths of young people
  • inspire leadership, citizenship, educational and career choices
  • work alongside other inspirational young people from across London
  • increase awareness of aspects of law and how this can affect you and your family

If you are motivated, interested in making the right educational and career choices whilst learning about yourself, your community and wider society why not get in touch?

If you are a motivated, interested in making the right educational and career choices whilst learning about yourself, your community and wider society why not get in touch?

Below are some selected images of our 2017 Residential to Wales

Here you can read more about what we are doing as part of the SHLA programme in the coming months and our opening times are below.

January 13th – Goal Setting

January 27th   – Skills for Life

February 15th – Police Roundtable

February 24th – Skills for Life 2

March 10th – Careers/Mentors Day

We will also be recruiting for the new cohort of SHLA in April/May 2018

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South Hackney Leadership Academy (SHLA)


Towards a youth led manifesto

Voyage has created a youth led Alumni called the Young Black Positive Advocates (Ybpa) which is a network for graduates of the Voyage Young Leaders for Safer Cities (YLfSC) course.

The aspiration and aim for the Ybpa is to build and sustain a solid foundation and network for young graduates and develop them as a collective leadership group whilst creating a powerful voice of young black Londoners.

The essential ambition is to extend the voice of our young leaders and encourage participation in their own communities in structures such as youth forums, councils, Independent advisory Groups and various consultative groups that host young people as part of their governance structures. We also want to assist young peoples engage in consultation on community safety and policing policies, procedures and programmes that effect young people in London.

Outcomes of participation in the Ybpa is to:

Empower young people to use their voice to create change

Transform our communities and make these more responsive to the needs of young people.

Sustain participation to enable progression and professional development whilst creating a platform to build lasting peace and collaboration between inner London postcodes.

The Ybpa will become a sustainable voluntary group within the next three years and is currently acting as BPACTs VOYAGEs youth policy advisors to our board of Trustees with two members occupying board positions from Nov 2014.