BREAKING NEWS:  Key findings of our independent evaluation cited young people are better able to demonstrate:  significantly improved educational outcomes at year 10; raised educational attainment at key stage 3; strong, resilience and resistance to peer pressure

VOYAGE is seeking new Trustees and we have an open process concluding in mid 2017

VOYAGE  is a pan London organisation and social justice charitable company based in central London. Lead by a small new but dedicated team VOYAGE is entering an exciting phase of its development and moving itself towards a more independent and sustainable future.

VOYAGE has appointed a number of new Trustees (aims to appoint more), a new team and volunteers all focused on embarking on a smarter, deeper and holistic strategy of youth empowerment and engagement. Voyage is not just crunching the numbers and moving onto the next group of young people, it now wants to ensure its young people are meaningfully engaged, educationally transformed and equipped with required skills, leadership and resilience to lead positive, productive and sustainable lives’. To achieve this Voyage will develop and embed its asset-based advantage thinking approach and as part of this put in place robust plans to ensure young leaders are in strong position to take over the running of the charity by 2020.

VOYAGE aims to do this whilst strengthening its programme of work, build new accredited learning programmes, engagement workshops and bring these together using a more business and commercial approach. Voyage wants to sharpening its focus within the criminal justice system particularly within Young offender Institutions (YOIs) and Young Offenders Services (YOSs) and teams. 

VOYAGE wants to consolidate its work reducing the effects on disproportionality and engage young people in a public health agendas, promote civic engagement, increase awareness of laws, doctrines and legislation to ensure young people don’t fall down the trips and traps due to a lack of awareness .

Adopting this approach will ensure young leaders progress their leadership skills, confidence and influencing abilities through an appropriately structured and supportive framework of participation in

  • civic leadership structures – Youth Forums, health watch, youth councils and parliaments
  • campaigning work – trusts, charities and progressive movements
  • volunteering – National citizenship services and
  • Voyage governance structures – Youth advisory group and Board of Trustees
  • Voyages delivery themes and workshops – ambassadors, outreach, recruitment and as workshop facilitators

To achieve this VOYAGE will seek the support from the National Lotteries Big Potential to build capacity and secure funds from various Trusts and foundations to create sustainable cadre of young people who will take over the running of Voyage by 2020. This will be achieved whilst twin tracking a broader strategy to establish a robust Alternative Provision for young people tested through Voyage’s ground breaking Horizons Plus programme in Hackney Community College.

VOYAGE is particularly looking for Trustees that can bring credibility, industry insights and represent VOYAGE in London and beyond to investors, local authorities, institutions, business partners and communities. Specifically VOYAGE is seeking Trustees with a proven track record of leadership, Criminal Justice, Education, Law, Research, Youth and community work, financial management, Marketing and Communications, Social media, Human resource management and governance development amongst others. More specifically VOYAGE is looking for trustees who can:

  • offer an equivalent of 1 day per month to read papers, be advocate and attend meetings

  • add real value by helping us to develop partnerships, new ideas and innovation

  • represent Voyage within a political, educational, criminal justice and creative sectors

VOYAGEs aspiration over the coming few years is to move away from the reliance on grant funding, introduce a robust and competitive commercial approach, appoint young people into key positions, establish a framework for engaging volunteers, establish an annualised framework of fundraising activities and events, devise and develop new projects and accredited programmes, establish a network/ academy for tutors, mentors and change facilitators, positioning Voyage as a leading charity.

Over the next three years VOYAGE must:

  • Gear itself up for more tendering and commission opportunities

  • develop commercial partners to ensure Voyage’s brand synthesises with company values in the corporate world

  • Build new partnerships to provide creative, developmental and progressive pathways to ensure young people break cycle of offending

  • Emerge as a leading provider and service reducing crime, raising educational attainment and facilitating progression into further education, training and employment

  • Deliver our 2015/16 projects and programmes, and generate a portfolio of future work which will grow both our reach and our reputation

  • Enhance the profile and reputation of VOYAGEs programmes and interventions in both education and criminal justice system.

  • Evolve VOYAGE business strategy and models so it is sustainable and more resilient over the coming year.

  • Appoint new trustees with skills, contacts and time to assist growth

All Trustees will bring to this role:

  • Credibility and gravitas to represent VOYAGE with partners, stakeholders, investors, government, business and community sectors engaged with VOYAGE internationally, nationally and locally

  • A passion and commitment to young people taking a lead and developing their voices

  • An excellent yet practical understanding of human resources, legal and management, partnership development, research and political engagement

  • Significant board-level experience of and credentials in governance, leadership, representation and the support and nurturing of internal teams

  • A track record of strategy development, planning, performance management and review of a portfolio of activity with some read-across/relevance to VOYAGE’s mission and remit

  • A level understanding of criminal justice, education, business, charitable and voluntary sectors

  • A two year commitment of 2- 3 days per quarter to progress VOYAGEs priorities over this crucial period

  • An enthusiasm, energy and commitment to reduce disproportionality in the education and the criminal justice system

To commence VOYAGEs ambitious journey we are seeking the specific appointments of vice chair, a treasurer and a broad range specialists working group members who can add value to our business strands. Interested candidates who wish to apply are required to send in a CV, or Biog and a short supporting statement telling us how you maybe able to assist us. If you would like to discuss your expression of interest before you do this please contact Paul Anderson, CEO of VOYAGE by clicking on the contact button below.

We are seeking expressions of interest so please don’t hesitate Contact us for more information or simply complete the short form below.