Background Voyage is seeking to expand its work with young people to reach new areas across London. A growing demand for our services means that we need to increase the number of well trained tutors, mentors and facilitators we currently employ to teach on our (YLFSC or our Horizons) courses and know your Rights Workshops. In […]

Voyage is proud to announce a specialist workshop involving young people exploring the impact of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) by the Met Police with our partners the Royal Society for the Arts (RSA). Voyage is partnering with the RSA as we both are concerned about the numbers of young black and ethnic minorities (mainly […]

Voyage wishes to use this opportunity to thank our amazing partners at Ubele Initiative for welcoming us and facilitating and supporting our young leaders to act as Volunteers. Our volunteers arrived early to open up and launch the Wolves Lane Festive Market which took place on Sunday 9th December 2018. The Festive Market was a second […]

It was amazing to be part of an amazing project called the Wolves Lane Horticultural project in Haringey North London, Our young leaders took part in celebrating the centres fundraising achievements along side one of London top MCs Jhus. Jhus was an amazing and inspiring young man. He was so inspired by the work of […]

Young Leaders for Safer Cities 2019 We are pleased to announce the launch of our Young Leaders for Safer Cities programme for 2019. We are now reaching out to schools and community organisations that may wish to refer young people age 14 – 15 years to our YLFSC Course, starting in April 2019. We aim to […]