BREAKING NEWS:  Key findings of our independent evaluation cited young people are better able to demonstrate:  significantly improved educational outcomes at year 10; raised educational attainment at key stage 3; strong, resilience and resistance to peer pressure

Target Group

  • Any young person who wants benefit from a programme focusing on personal development, community leadership and exploring crime related issues.
  • Boys and girls of mixed ability and those who want to take up positions on youth related boards and working parties
  • young people with a passion for politics, media and policing issues
  • Those on the peripheries of exclusion
  • Those showing indifference to the Police

Selection Criteria

  • Black and Minority ethic young people
  • People currently predicsted to attain A-E at GCSE
  • Year 9 Students (14-15 years)
  • Has potential for great achievements but could do with an additional boost
  • high achievers and need challenging
  • Have the potential to contribute to the scheme after completion

School – Student referral form 2016

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