BREAKING NEWS:  Key findings of our independent evaluation cited young people are better able to demonstrate:  significantly improved educational outcomes at year 10; raised educational attainment at key stage 3; strong, resilience and resistance to peer pressure

We would love you to get involved with VOYAGE programmes and workshops in any capacity – as a young participant, a volunteer workshop leader, a partner organisation or possible funder – in any way you can!

Schools, youth groups, YOTs, YOIs and similar youth organisations can approach VOYAGE to discuss possible programmes and seminars.

Individual young people may also contact us directly to find out what opportunities there may be in their area.

Graduates of the Young Leaders for Safer Cities (YLfSC) programme are eligible for participation in the Young Black Positive Advocates (YBPA) programme.

VOYAGE’s five programmes are:

  • Young Leaders for Safer Cities (YLfSC)
    An academic year programme delivered in different locations in London which uses online teaching and also in groups, leading to BTEC qualification with a focus on developing leadership skills.
  • Know Your Rights
    A one-day seminar in schools on Stop and Search.
  • Violent Crime
    A one-day workshop exploring the issue of violence in London in schools and other institutions?
  • Horizons
    Short courses (6-8 weeks) in Youth Offending Teams (YOTs) and Youth Offenders Institutions to enable young people to take control of their future.
  • Young Black Positive Advocates (YBPA)
    Alumni programmes for graduates of the Young leaders for safer cities (YLfSC) programme.

As part of our commitment to excellence and programme development VOYAGE is seeking to build up, establish and strengthen a valuable network of black desistance tutors, trainers and mentors. This will help to expand the much needed yet focused work in the UK’s criminal justice system addressing issues of disproportionality, racial and cultural bias. VOYAGE believes the case is clear about the over representation of young black boys and men making it abundantly clear our criminal justice system is not working for our communities. To commence the development of such an important network and forum VOYAGE will be convening a gathering in late July or early August to bring together a pan-London group of desistance specialists, independent tutors and interested individuals. VOYAGE is keen to widen this gathering to include passionate young men and women who have experienced the criminal justice system who now want to give back.

At this gathering we will be clearly identifying the problem and move this towards exploration of how and what can we do to meet new demands of commissioners, look at some good practice and explore any training and developmental needs. In addition we intend to explore how to develop skills to assist the resettlement needs of offenders. This will look at how we can help to reintegrate young people after they have been released from custody, orders, tags and various bail conditions.

The aim of the Black Tutors Desistance Network is to:

  • strengthen and develop a capable base of respected, trained and business ready tutors and trainers
  • remove barriers to tendering and commissioning by increasing knowledge, training and development
  • build and strengthen the voice for black and BME trainers involved in the criminal justice system.
  • host information days, coffee morning and networking
  • share good practice and identify bad practice
  • become a focal point for commissioners wanting to address disparities in the criminal justice