BREAKING NEWS:  Key findings of our independent evaluation cited young people are better able to demonstrate:  significantly improved educational outcomes at year 10; raised educational attainment at key stage 3; strong, resilience and resistance to peer pressure

Program Summary

Young Leaders for Safer Cities (YLfSC)

An academic year referral programme for 14 – 15 year olds delivered in different locations across UK using online teaching (MOODLE) and is taught in groups of up to 25 young people. Participation leads to a BTEC level 2 qualification with a focus on developing leadership skills and connecting young people into local leadership roles – Youth committees, forums and councils and has a special focus for local and thematic IAGs

Know Your Rights – Workshop

A one-day or half day seminar/ workshop programme in schools on Stop and Search – involving role play and quizzes.

Violent Crime – Workshop

A one-day interactive workshop exploring the issue of youth violence and Gangs in London offered to schools, youth clubs and other institutions.

YLfSC – Young Leaders for Safer Cities


Youth engagement and participation in leadership is an area schools are increasingly seeking to include within the curriculum as part of their commitment to spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development of young people.

YLFSC is a Pearson’s accredited BTEC customised course developed by the Voyage Team.The programme is totally unique and aims to:

  1. Nurture young leaders from local communities to support and improve their communities; to tackle issues of crime; and assist the improvement of services from local public and private sector providers to the community – inspiring young people to influence and shape local services and their community needs.
  2. Help young people navigate their way through the issues of governance, leadership, community social responsibility and citizenship. – Generating enthusiasm for social action, activism and participation in local and regional governance structures.
  3. Ensure that the voices of young people are heard and listened to, and that they are seen as contributors to successful community life that supports racial harmony, community and cross-borough cohesion. – Promoting, building and sustaining healthy relationships with young people from different parts of London.
  4. To provide an ongoing sustainable platform to supporting progression opportunities from school to higher education, training and the world of work – Young Leaders can be invited to participate in the South Hackney Leadership Programme



The YLfSC programme is an intensive programme delivered over the course of 6 months culminating in attendance at a planned graduation event in July each year.

The Programme has 5 powerful modes of delivery:

  1. Recruitment through workshop and school engagement
  2. Two day Leadership and empowerment induction programme
  3. A three day residential Camp
  4. 10 – 12 week taught sessions at Hackney Community College
  5. Graduation Ceremony in July

Structure of the YLfSC leadership programme Units and levels

Unit 1/Level 2Empowerment – Race Leadership and Power
Unit 2/Level 2Working for Safer Cities – Stop search & voilent crime
Unit 3/Level 2Working towards solutions – understanding the media
Unit 4/Level 2Leadership in action – preparing presentations
Total learning hours :100 Guided Learning Hours equal to 1 GCSEs qualification

The qualification is achieved through continuous assessment evidenced in a portfolio. The qualification is currently marked
on a pass/fail criterion which we hope to change in 2016. Participants who do not pass all four units can claim the units they have completed successfully. They will receive records of the units they achieve. Assessment is undertaken by tutors. The YLFSC programme supports progression to either academic or vocational pursuits.

The programme also supports young leaders to achieve, attain or engage with:

Arts Award from Arts Council of England
Progression from young leaders enables young people to participate in Voyages continuous development programme as part of the South Hackney Leadership Academy

The Duke of Edinburgh Award
Relevant programme activities can be used to gain credits for the service, skills and residential project sections of the bronze, silver and gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

South Hackney Leadership Academy (SHLA)
Students can participate in Voyages non accredited development programme to explore leadership, higher education access and work experience programmes.


Below is a typical year of the roll out and delivery schedule of our YLFSC Course

September – March  – (Recruitment of young people)

Recruitment and sign up is achieved through presentation to schools which includes a Workshop on Knife Crime, Know your rights and or Stop and Search leading to sign up including parental registration at day end. Schools are advised to make early contact for our workshops.

April – (Inaugural induction week)

Takes place at Hackney Community College N16HQ – this includes access to a motivational and team games designed to acquaint young people to the programme, our staff and get them to sample aspects of our programmes before qualification work starts in April.

April – (Residential camp over a weekend)

The camp location is dependant of what residential camps are available at this time but in general the residential weekend is where young leaders become a bonded as a team and often make lasting friendships before the start of the course. The residential is an opportunity for young leaders to explore leadership in an outdoor context with our partners the Outward Bounds. Activities are flexible but always include doing team challenges that aim to build confidence.

May – July  (Structured and taught sessions)

Our taught session commence at Hackney Community College (Course runs for 10 – 12 Weeks) which are delivered in line with the course outline and breakdown above and below.

July – Graduation Ceremony

in a professional and hired Hall for young people, parents, carers and teachers. All graduates who complete our programme automatically get a place at our vibrant South Hackney Leadership Academy.


Key dates for your
2019 Diaries

Recruitment begins by our lead tutors delivering motivational talks, which result in young people generating interest in the programme. We share the following link so students can express interest before we send a bigger application form for them to complete. YLFSC recruitment starts In January and concludes when we have signed up 110 young people by March.

Below is a summary outline of key dates for teachers, parents and our students.

  1. YLFSC Induction week starts in 8th April – 10th April and Careers fair is introduced on the 10th with our corporate partners.
  2. Leadership Residential weekend in Kingswood in Kent: – 12th – 14th April
  3. Unit 1 [Leadership, power & race] – 27th April
  4. Unit 1 [Political Literacy] – 11th May
  5. Unit 2 [Violent crime]:1 – 8th May
  6. Unit 2 [Stop and Search]:- 25th May
  7. Social Action and volunteering week- 27th-31st May
  8. Unit 2/3 [Understanding the use of media]: – 8th June
  9. Unit 3 [Problem Solving]: 15th June
  10. Session Catch Up for students who need additional support – 22nd June
  11. Unit 4 [Presentation skills]: 29th June
  12. Graduation evening – Grocers Hall 19th July 2019


  • Improved confidence
  • Increased responsibility
  • Improved academic approach
  • Attainment of a Level 2 qualification
  • An opportunity to develop leadership skills of the self and others
  • Exposure to positive role models
  • The opportunity to engage with providers of services for children and young people about youth-related issues and concerns
  • An opportunity to see and create a vision about their lives and a safer society
  • Being part of a strategic network of adults and other youth groups
  • An opportunity to enhance self awareness.


Programme Gallery

Know Your Rights Workshop

Know Your Rights is the title of a new suite of workshops (1- 2 hour long) we will be offering schools, community organisations, youth clubs to help spread knowledge of UK Laws, doctrines and Police Operations. We at Voyage believe these laws, polices and policing procedures continue to drive a wedge between black communities and the Police and we simply want to change that.

We believe we can make impact by reducing the disproportionate flows of black and minority young people entering the criminal justice system by empowerment. In particular by equipping young people with the facts and figures helping them to stay safe and not become another unfortunate statistic.

Our workshops designed for year 9 and year 10s and include

Stop and Search – Violent Crime – Hate Crime/ Prevent – Police Operations (Viper, Trident and Shield) 

All of our workshops are designed to inform young people about these laws and how they operate whilst exploring powerful case studies, driving the point home about how to handle a situation when approached by authorities. We are also developing a dedicated workshop to inform parents/ guardians and teachers so they understand the effects and know how to support their young.

Why not contact us and arrange a seminar to be run in in your school or community organisation.

All our stop and search sessions include essential information on Stop and Search, the police powers to detain set out in section 1 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984.

The session looks at:

  • why police officers stop and search young people
  • your rights if you are stopped and searched by a police officer
  • how it feels to be stopped and searched
  • young people’s view of the police
  • trust – or lack of trust – in the police

If you are interested in attending or hosting this workshop please get in touch.

Violent Crime Workshop

Violent Crime is powerful and transformative workshop offered within schools. The workshop takes young people through a guided journey and presents scenarios, film and discussions which young people relate to helping them inform decisions, reactions and choices. Our Violence crime workshop can be delivered with  the met Police or done without. The choice is up to those interested.

Our workshops addresses:

Decision making – how much your decisions are influenced by others, what kind of influence you accept or reject?
Consequences of your actions – what do you think about the consequences of your actions?
Safety – do you feel safe in the area where you live?
Crime – what kind of crime happens in your local area?
Consequences of violent crime – what impact does violent crim have on victims, their families and their communities?
Your communities – what happens if you don’t get involved in gangs or if you choose to avoid hanging around with young people who you know are involved in criminal activity?

The workshop is part of VOYAGE’s aims to help young people:

  • Develop an understanding of their environment
  • Foster a sense of belonging in society
  • Develop character and responsibility
  • Change attitudes and perception of crime
  • Increase trust and confidence in the police
  • Raise awareness of the impact of violent crime, in line with the aims and objectives of the Mayor’s Time for Action strategy to equip people for the future and prevent violence.

If you are interested in attending or hosting this workshop please get in touch.

VOYAGE programmes are designed for young people but cannot be accessed directly by individuals. If you are interested in participating in a VOYAGE programme running in your school or institution, please contact your administrator directly.

If your school or institution does not currently run a VOYAGE programme, please contact your administrators and ask them to contact us . We can run programmes wherever an institution is willing to participate, and where volunteer tutors and programme leaders are available.

Young People

Testimonials & Case Studies

“I was able to understand the problems that we faced in our society. I learnt about the consequence of stabbing and killing in the community, we were able to talk about what we can do about it. At the end of our sessions we were able to do a presentation about what we can do for our community to make it better and bring everyone together. In the presentation I was able to put different ideas together to create a concert for my community. Even though the presentation didn’t come to life, I was able to use the idea to create a church event which was for children and youth of my community and we were able to make it an success.”

“It gave me an insight to the rights that I am entitled to, knowing what is the right conduct of stop and search and when the police have gone against a policy. The programme encouraged me to part take in group work when being taught sessions. I have learnt so much from young leaders, knowing my rights of a member of public and knowing to conduct myself as a young intellectual black leader.”

“I would like to thank you for the opportunity young leaders gifted me, in being able to participate in creating a greater sense of community and being to learn from the leaders and my peers.”

“It is a very moving experience and it is a good confidence booster.”

“I thought you guys made my confidence boost up by 10000 and I couldn’t be more thankful and I won’t be nervous to go and have to meet new people thanks voyage”

“The taught session gave an insight about youth crime and behaviour, typically helping me understand my area around me. I also had the chance to do a presentation in front of the whole YLfSC learners and tutors, which aided my confidence to boost.”

“It gave me a chance to meet people that I never would have met before and then as the course went on offered me a variety of oportunities to support growth. The residential although it was fun took me out of my comfort zone in a safe environment.”

“Thank you for helping get confident and help me speak to a group of people”

“This was a great experience for me, I loved every minute of it.”

“lessons were fun and they also taught us a lot of things that will be beneficial for the future”

“It was fun to meet people of my age group and make friendships with people i’m still in contact with today.. 5 years later.”

“the activities were fun and exciting and I got the opportunity to broaden my confidence and self-esteem levels.”

“It was very compelling and helped me gain new understanding about society and how its works.”

Parents & Teachers

Testimonials & Case Studies

“The programme has given him a sense of belongingness that has allowed him to identify with himself and others pupils with similar profiles. The programme was successful because it reached this pupil’s need to be apart of something that was achievable and aspirational. So much so, that this pupil felt that he wanted to be apart of other programmes with similar life skills.”

“He will be applying all he has learnt to ensure he will become a good leader”

“Good experience for my son”

“Amazing programme”

“This programme should be available in all schools, programme makes a difference and we need this programme as part of our London.”

“Daughter enjoyed the course and would be willing to come back in any shape or form.”

“Voyage is appropriately named and is a useful journey for young people which will make them impact their community for good.”

“Extra achievement when applying for higher education and work in the future”

“Support UCAS application. Apply in her current time whilst in school and the wider community.”

“She is presently involved in church activities and I know this will boost her confidence.”

“To be a leader in the future, being a positive role model for her peers”

“Lifelong skills, which will assist him in life.”

“Has made my daughter see and feel her own greatness as well as others. She is now part of the oxfam group at her school.”

“He appears more grown up in attitude and thought”

“Motivated her and allowed to see anything is possible and that the sky is the limit.”


67% of young people said it helped them moved into a higher set at school
73% of young people said it helped them get into a better college
77% of young people said it helped them to get there dream job
95% of our students would recommend us to their friends and/or family
73% are now more likely to report a crime if they witness it
100% of our students say in improved there attitude towards learning


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