Voyage is proud to announce a specialist workshop involving young people exploring the impact of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) by the Met Police with our partners the Royal Society for the Arts (RSA). Voyage is partnering with the RSA as we both are concerned about the numbers of young black and ethnic minorities (mainly men) disproportionally over represented at every stage in the criminal justice system. There is a growing concern this technology may continue to extend and deepen disproportionality so we welcome this opportunity to explore any potential impacts with a focused group of young people and our guests from the RSA. We look forward to sharing the results more widely so do let us know if you are interested in staying in touch on the subject.

The workshop will be lead by Adam Elliot Cooper who has a BA in Politics from the University of Nottingham, an MSc in Globalisation & Development at the London School of Oriental & African Studies and is currently undertaking a PhD at University of Oxford’s School of Geography and the Environment.

Our two hour session will start at 4.30pm and take place at Hackney Community College on the 12thFebruary 2019

The session will be for young people under 18 years and will take participants on an exploration of the use of artificial intelligence in Policing with a view to exploring the ethics and the moral case for using AI in the context of Policing. The participants would also get a chance to be updated on their rights in relation to stop and search and the use of AI. The workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to express their views on policing in relation to themselves and their communities. All participants will also learn more about how the police are using AI and to share their initial thoughts about how the use of this technology could affect their experience of policing. All young people attending will receive a £21 expenses so sign up and wait for an email to confirm you can make it.

Sign up on the link below.

Read more about AI and Policing here.

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